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Carpet Repair Alpharetta, GA

KIWI’s Alpharetta Carpet Repair Gives You One Year Satisfaction Guarantee

Alpharetta Carpet Repair Services
5 Reasons To Choose KIWI®

38 years of repairs experience.

Carpet repairs and stretching services.

Wide variety of repairs including Berber.

Most skilled repair technicians.

Three-year carpet repair guarantee

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KIWI is the place to come when you’re looking for Alpharetta Carpet Repair

Your carpets endure a lot of wear and tear over time. Does your carpet look like it needs repair? Are you tired of seeing holes, waves, bulges, and tears in your carpet?

100% Customer Satisfaction

We at KIWI aim to please. We will repair your carpets with superior craftsmanship and care so that you are very happy with your carpets.

Our carpet repair team offers professional carpet repair and carpet stretching to meet all your needs. We even offer carpet flood repair work and services. Read more about our Water Damage Repair Services.

KIWI Alpharetta Carpet Repair Guarantee
We offer you a one-year carpet repair guarantee to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our carpet repair craftsmanship. Call us for more details.

In Alpharetta berber carpet repair can range from carpet stretching and patching to replacing carpets and fixing water damage, our company offers professional cleaning services to handle all of your carpet repair needs.

KIWI carpet repairs in Alpharetta

Since 1987, some of the Alpharetta carpet repair issues that we have fixed include:

  • Pet stains including odor repair, pet bites, holes, tears
  • Holes and Loose Fiber from cat claws
  • Burn marks, holes, and repairs from candles, matches, and cigarettes
  • Melted carpets
  • Ruffles, waves, and loose fabric in carpets
  • Loose seams in carpets
  • Flood repair and replacement
  • Rust removal
  • Permanent stain and carpet repairs
  • Bulge and ripple repairs
  • Matching carpets
  • Bleach repairs
  • Threshold additions in between different rooms
  • Detached carpets
  • Carpet repairs on seams

So when you need carpet repair services in Alpharetta, GA we will come to your house for a free carpet cleaning or carpet repair estimate.

Carpet Repair
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All Our Carpet Repairs Are Guaranteed For Three Years

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