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Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry Carpet Cleaning
7 Reasons To Choose KIWI®

39 Years Of Carpet Cleaning Experience.

Trusted By Over 500,000 Customers.

Eco-Friendly – Safe For Kids And Pets.

6 Steps Quick-Dry Cleaning Service with 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

One-Year Unmatched Clean Carpet Warranty. A KIWI Exclusive Plan Included.

Licensed, Bonded, And Insured.

96% On-Time Track Record.

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I have used Kiwi services for many years. I have found them to be professional, courteous, and to always complete the job in a timely fashion. I recommend them for any carpet cleaning, rug cleaning need. In addition, their warranty is very good.

In cities like Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Austin, Phoenix, Fort Worth, and Denver, many are familiar with the unfortunate aftermath of traditional steam cleaner rentals: sudsy, sopping-wet carpets accompanied by the unmistakable “wet dog” aroma. At KIWI, our approach is different. We employ professional dry carpet cleaning techniques that delve deep into your carpets, effectively tackling dirt, stains, and odors in a way that traditional steam cleaners can’t. Our method doesn’t drench your carpets, so you won’t have to worry about the wet conditions that often foster mildew or lead to dye migration. Instead, you can expect your carpets to dry in a swift 15 minutes, all while emanating a pleasant, freshly cleaned scent. Achieve Brighter, Fresher Carpets with KIWI’s Expertise

Achieve Brighter, Fresher Carpets with KIWI’s Expertise

Boasting 39 years of hands-on experience with our dry carpet cleaning method, we’ve seen — and cleaned — all types of stains and spills. High-traffic areas, in particular, benefit immensely from our intensive deep-cleaning treatment. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see previously dull and stained patches transform, revealing bright, rejuvenated colors. Furthermore, our commitment to safety and environmental responsibility means we utilize an eco-friendly, all-natural cleaning solution that’s safe for both pets and kids. When you think carpet cleaning, think KIWI — your go-to for speedy, cost-effective, and outstanding results.

Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning: Going Beyond the Ordinary

Environmentally Conscious Approach: In today’s age, prioritizing the environment is essential. Our low-moisture carpet cleaning conserves water and delivers impeccable results. Plus, enjoy a quick drying experience, eliminating lengthy wait times.

Safety for the Whole Family: Family’s well-being is paramount. Our methods guarantee:

  • Safety for both kids and pets.
  • Use of environmentally-friendly carpet cleaning solutions, ensuring homes are cleaned effectively without relying on harsh chemicals.

Preserving Carpet’s Freshness: Carpets face daily wear, spills, and accidents. Our services ensure:

  • Regular maintenance to maintain the carpet’s fresh appearance.
  • Deep cleaning techniques that dive into the fibers for dirt extraction.
  • Efficient odor removal, courtesy of our dry cleaning methods.

Experience the New Standard: With our advanced and eco-friendly carpet cleaning methods, you choose a clean, healthy, and beautiful living space.

Why Choose KIWI’s Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

  • Avoid Steam Cleaning Pitfalls: Many homeowners face challenges with steam cleaning — from moving heavy furniture and equipment to dealing with resulting soggy carpets.
  • Faster Drying Time: Unlike steam cleaning which can leave carpets wet for hours or even days, KIWI’s method ensures carpets dry quickly.
  • Avoid the Dirt Cycle: Steam cleaning can often attract more dust and dirt, leading to repeated messy cleanings.
  • Decades of Experience: With 39 years in the business, KIWI Services offers unparalleled expertise.
  • Customized Cleaning: We evaluate each carpet’s fiber content and analyze soiled areas before starting the cleaning process.
  • Protect Your Carpet’s Integrity: Every carpet has unique fibers and dyes that can be harmed by improper cleaning. While some manufacturers might suggest DIY methods, many recommend professional methods to maintain a carpet’s value and to prevent warranties from getting voided.

Our Carpet Cleaning solutions Dries In About 15 Minutes.

Dry Carpet Cleaning ServicesAfter we analyze the unique needs of your carpet, we mist your carpet with our pH-balanced cleaner and use specially designed drying bonnets to loosen soil particles and transfer the dirt off your carpet. Because we use no water in our cleaning, drying time is reduced to as little as 15 minutes, providing you with a fresh, clean carpet without the lengthy drying time of steam cleaners. We also provide all the preparation before a carpet cleaning, including vacuuming and moving furniture. In addition, our citrus cleaner uses no heat and no hot water, so there is no threat to the delicate fibers and dyes in your rugs and carpets. We believe in preserving the value and integrity of every beautiful floor and provide you with only the best in dry carpet cleaning. For Quick-Dry Carpet Cleaning Services, Call Kiwi!

Unveiling Quick Dry Commercial Carpet Cleaning with KIWI

Are you looking to elevate the ambiance of your commercial space? Dirty carpets can detract from the professional image you’re aiming for. Dive into KIWI’s specialized quick dry commercial carpet cleaning solutions tailored for businesses. Our advanced techniques deliver a quick turnaround, minimizing disruptions to your operations. With KIWI, you’re investing in cleaner carpets and a healthier, more inviting workspace. Don’t compromise on the first impression – make every footfall count! Reach out today and bring back the brilliance to your commercial carpets. Boost your business’s appeal with KIWI’s proven expertise.

Experience the KIWI Difference!

Tired of the dampness and hassle of traditional steam cleaning? Dive into a cleaner, fresher home with KIWI’s dry carpet cleaning method. With 39 years of expertise, we provide a quick dry, and thorough cleaning that safeguards your carpet’s integrity. Why wait? Book your professional carpet cleaning with KIWI Services today and step into a brighter, cleaner space

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