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Commercial Hardwood Floor Cleaning

commercial wood floor cleaning
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Wood Floor Cleaning Services Special 33%

For commercial centers, such as nursing homes, universities, government buildings, rental properties, and any other public or commercial facility which receives substantial amount of traffic, hardwood floors serve them better than carpeted floors. Wood floors are easier to clean and maintain, thus offering a with healthy environment for employees and customers, especially those allergies or environmental sensitivity. Moreover, unlike with carpet cleaning issues, moisture is unlikely to be trapped between the wood floors. Despite the advantages, hardwood floors also need to be cleaned often to maintain their luster and lifeless look. That said, at KIWI, the premiere commercial wood floor cleaner, we offer a comprehensive commercial hardwood floor cleaning services:

  1. Clean and buff all types of hardwood floors.
  2. Wax, polish and Seal.
  3. Restore and dry water damaged floors.

If your company’s hardwood floors are dirty, dusty, scratched, or dull after a long period of use, KIWI wood floor cleaning across the US can restore them to their original clean and shiny condition.KIWI's commercial hardwood floor cleaning

Commercial Hardwood Floor Cleaning Experts

No matter where your business is situated within the United States, our KIWI team of professionals are always available for dispatch to serve you. Our experts will examine the condition of your wood floors and give them the special treatment to renews their sheen, making them regain their glow and immaculate look. We have more than 38 years of experience in hardwood floor maintenance for both residential and commercial buildings. Our modern equipment and innovative cleaning procedures will easily remove debris that settles into the small cracks of your hardwood floors. If they are not cleaned properly, debris tend to dim the original beautiful luster of your wood floors. Nevertheless, our specialized professionals will restore the quality of your wood floor without using invasive methods, such as resurfacing and grinding. As a result, your floors will be flawless and highly functionable.

At KIWI, we use the best commercial grade cleaning equipment and ecofriendly solutions, to ensure superior durability of your wood floors while removing contaminants, such as oil, dust, and dirt among others. We can also apply wax or polish your cleaned wood floors to further enhance their sheen for the longest time possible. Therefore, if you trust your hardwood floors to KIWI experts, you will benefit from supreme durability of your hardwood floors with unbeatable cleanliness and sheen.

Trust KIWI for Wood Floor Cleaning

At KIWI, we offer unbeatable commercial floor cleaning services at very affordable prices. Our professional and friendly technicians are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Due to the vast experience we have, we will restore the ideal state of your company’s hardwood floors effectively and efficiently within the least time possible, and rest assured that your daily routine will not be interrupted. Apart from preserving the quality of your floor through our specialized procedures, we make your floors look sparklingly timeless. We aim at making your workplace environment healthier for your employees, clients, and customers. We are an authentic brand certified by the IICRC, and our fast but efficient services with quality outcomes have stood the test of time. For more information, call KIWI Service’s commercial hardwood floor experts today!


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