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Carpet Cleaning Houston, TX

Carpet Cleaning Services
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96% On-Time Track Record.

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5 star rating
I have used Kiwi services for many years. I have found them to be professional, courteous, and to always complete the job in a timely fashion. I recommend them for any carpet cleaning, rug cleaning need. In addition, their warranty is very good.

KIWI Services offers unlimited carpet cleaning return visits with KIWI’s famous One-Year Carpet Cleaning Warranty for just $4 per room all year! Started by a mom who wanted to keep up with her kids and pets, KIWI is Houston’s favorite carpet cleaning company today. Houston residents call us for carpet cleaning!

Affordable Carpet Cleaning in Houston

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), carpet cleaning should be done every one to 12 months. They suggest frequent carpet cleaning if humidity has been high or if you have multiple people in the home, if you have pets, or if you have smokers in your home even more frequently if there has been environmental contamination. But who could afford a carpet cleaner every few months? Isn’t that too expensive? Your Houston carpet cleaning office makes very affordable. We also provide fantastic customer service and air duct cleaning to improve your air quality.

Amber W. (Houston, TX, 77055)
5 star rating
“I loved it!!! I’ve used a different company in the past and couldn’t stand the strong chemical smell of their cleaner. I loved the smell of your products!”
Beth H. (Houston, TX, 77055)
5 star rating
“I’ve been a customer for years in multiple cities. These guys are the best. I highly recommend it. Julius was so great today! Great team and company.”

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Our Houston office has made carpet cleaning services easy to schedule, easy to maintain, and easy to afford. After all, carpets can trap environmental hazards, dust mites, and dirt. Do you always remove your shoes when you enter your home? Even if you do, contaminants that become embedded in carpets can settle in your carpets from the air or enter your home on your clothes. But whether you remove your shoes or not, there are other sources of contaminants from within your home: your heating and air conditioning system. That system, that source of contamination, is inside your home! Carpet vacuuming isn’t nearly enough. A carpet or rug can hold pounds of dirt before it even starts to look dirty. The Carpet and Rug Institute certifies our Houston carpet cleaning techniques. And we use five different professional cleaning methods, all approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute. Remember, not every carpet cleaning service is certified, but we are. Carpet and upholstery are equally essential to keep clean, which is why KIWI also offers the best upholstery cleaning. If your upholstery has spots, stains, or even worse damage, KIWI can handle it. We also offer tile and grout cleaning as well.

Pets create biological hazards from everyday pet messes (not to mention embedded fur and odors). Bacteria and other dangerous organisms can grow in your carpets because of pets. Don’t get rid of your pets. Call KIWI Services instead!

Houston Dry Carpet Cleaning Service

Because Houston has high humidity, cleaned carpets must dry fast. When KIWI cleans your carpets: they’re dry in 15 minutes. Plus, your carpets smell citrus fresh when we’re finished cleaning! Forget about the wet steam cleaning musty smell in your living room! Our exclusive dry carpet cleaning method is best for fast drying and effective cleaning services. How does professional bonnet carpet cleaning compare to steam carpet cleaning? Quite frankly, we don’t even think it’s a fair comparison. It’s like comparing apples to oranges. We put our bonnet carpet cleaning to the test. We used our method on carpets that had just been steam cleaned. Our white, absorbent bonnets turned black! Bonnet carpet cleaning is a certified carpet cleaning method. This KIWI Services carpet cleaning method leaves your carpets clean, dry, and citrus fresh. Your visitors won’t guess that you’ve just had your carpets cleaned! They’ll only marvel at the beauty of your home. We can clean on the same day as the big game or the house party, and your carpets are dry and clean, ready for you to entertain guests immediately. Your carpets are beautiful, and your home smells great!

Professional Carpet Cleaners in Houston

Our Houston carpet cleaning service is a thorough 6- step process. We have more services to offer, but our necessary cleaning is more than what other carpet cleaner companies offer. We get great results on standard polypropylene, wool, and even Berber carpets.

The key is attention to detail and persistence. By providing each customer with quality service, using environmentally safe products, and a “never say die” attitude, you will always know what to expect. We start the carpet cleaning process by walking through your home, inspecting the condition of your carpet, identifying heavily soiled areas that may require more attention, and looking for telltale signs of wear or damage that may need repair.
We will move your light moveable furniture out of the way. Our technicians are reliable, but industry standards do not allow us to move any large, heavy pieces, precious breakable items, or electronic equipment.

carpet cleaning with two techsNext, we will thoroughly vacuum the carpet to remove the loose soil. We use commercial quality vacuums to get the best result; these are some of the toughest vacuums around. When companies don’t vacuum on the first visit, they can create a mess. Even if you vacuum twice a week, as is recommended, the carpet should be vacuumed before cleaning.
Before actually starting the cleaning, our service technicians observe the rule of “All stains included,” which means they perform stain pretreatments. Our Super Spotter cleaner product is ideal for getting the soil to separate from the carpet fiber in those high-traffic areas and other areas where surface staining is typical.
Allowing the solution to soak for a minute or two will give this green cleaning product time to perform its magic. This product is available for sale. Ask about it when scheduling or on your service appointment.
Your Houston cleaning professional will then apply our general carpet cleaner to the area to be cleaned. Using our gentle circular extraction machine with 100% cotton bonnets, we will begin cleaning each carpet fiber on all sides. Some methods rely on forwarding and backward motion, missing the sides of the carpet fiber.
Our approach rotates each fiber in a circular motion while the cotton bonnet agitates and breaks the soil away, trapping the dirt in our cleaning solution. That fluffy bonnet then absorbs the liquid and the soiling, leaving the carpet citrus fresh. If we need to go over areas more than one time to get the best result, we will.

Carpet Cleaning Houston service

Carpet RakesUpon completion of the carpet cleaning, your Houston carpet cleaning technician will groom your carpet. This is an essential part of the service as carpet fibers can mat, slowing the dry time and drying in unsightly ways. As we separate the carpet fibers, this will raise the nap of the carpet, giving it a more uniform look and speeding up dry time because more airflow can get between the fibers. With any initial carpet cleaning, $120 or more, you will automatically receive the Kiwi One-Year Carpet Cleaning Service.
This entitles you to discounted return visits. Instead of having to pay full carpet cleaning costs each time, we lower the price to $4 for each room, under warranty, and a small travel charge.
Our competitors think we are crazy for offering such a service. We think they are mad for not offering their customers a way to maintain their carpets without experiencing high costs, especially in this economy. The only real difference between warranty and initial cleaning visits is that we ask you to maintain the vacuuming before visits and move any furniture you feel needs to be removed. All other steps are the same. We also offer carpet repairs and carpet protectants. When KIWI provides water damage repair or restoration, we will clean the carpeted areas affected, and guess what? You automatically get the One Year Carpet Cleaning Warranty.

Houston Green Carpet Cleaning Company

We Love Green Carpet CleaningIn Texas, DHome Magazine awarded us the 2006 top Green Carpet Cleaning Company. And we have thousands of happy customers’ referrals as well in Houston due to our excellent customer service. Now, who else do you know who’d like to be a KIWI Carpet Cleaning lover? You can join our KIWI Referral Program! Send us your friends and your family. We want to thank you for your referrals, and we’ll clean for you to say a big thank you! Refer a family member or a friend for any of the services the Houston KIWI Services company offers (air duct cleaning, oriental rug cleaning, rug repair, carpet cleaning, and many more services!). You can receive your choice of a free carpet cleaning in a room, DuPont™ Teflon® Advanced coating applied in two rooms, or a waived trip charge! You’ll be happy you shared KIWI Carpet Cleaning! We’re your professional Houston carpet cleaners. And we want to thank you by sharing more of our services with you! We work hard to be your total home care service company, and we love for you to tell all of your friends. They can all be KIWI Lovers too! We are carpet cleaning Houston as no other company can.

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