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A Carpet Cleaning Company With a One-Year Warranty

KIWI carpet cleaning was dreamt up 39 years ago by Angela, who wanted an affordable carpet cleaning plan that could keep her home looking beautiful all year round. As a mother of three with pets, spills, mud, and more, she needed a carpet cleaner that could keep up with her busy household. She found that none of the carpet cleaning companies offered such a service, so she decided to create her own. Angela created a carpet cleaning company to rival all others, inventing the KIWI Lover One-Year Carpet Cleaning Service for people with needs like her own. She created the warranty to allow customers to purchase unlimited carpet cleanings at just $6 per room for an entire year. Years later, our warranty customers still love their $6 per room carpet cleanings.

Our company’s first location opened in Dallas, Texas, in 1987, where KIWI worked to bring about a carpet cleaning revolution. The idea of year-round carpet cleaning caught on, and customers liked it so much that we have grown beyond our humble beginnings in Dallas. We’ve expanded to major markets such as the Houston and Austin metro areas and surrounding cities. We also opened locations in and around Atlanta, Georgia, Phoenix, Arizona, and Denver, Colorado, too.

KIWI is now the famous carpet cleaning company that offers discounted return visits all year! Thousands of homeowners have enjoyed the advantages of our carpet cleaning warranty and love their beautiful, clean carpets all year. Our competitors often said that our warranty was crazy and that it wouldn’t work, but luckily for our customers and us, they were wrong!

A Full-Service Cleaning Company

As we worked to build our reputation, we saw that homeowners had more household issues than just dirty carpets, so we thought we’d lend a helping hand. In addition to carpet cleaning, we also offer:

What’s With the Green hair?

Green Carpet CleaningWe get this question a lot. So, inspired by our green carpet cleaning solution and by customers’ gracious compliments, we’ve taken their praise, and we’ve gone green! The KIWI hair craze is a fun take on customer feedback, and it captures the good nature and spirit of our company. We step outside the norm to bring you a great value on excellent services, and we love what we do. Our team is so energetic; we even have our own KIWI Lover coffee mugs!

Clean Carpet All Year Long

Other carpet cleaning companies are green with envy over KIWI’s discounted warranty visits that let you have clean carpets all year long. The KIWI Lover One-Year Carpet Cleaning Warranty allows you the freedom to clean whenever you want without having to pay full price each visit. Find out more about the carpet cleaning warranty and how it can extend the life of your carpet.

The Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaners

It’s hard enough to keep a clean home without worrying about how different cleaning chemicals affect your family. We won’t always be aware of allergies that you, your family, or your friends may experience. That’s why our company has developed a green carpet cleaner that’s non-allergenic and certified by the FDA. We promise: our style of cleaning won’t just take allergens from the floor and put them back into the air. Your family’s health and safety are always a priority with KIWI.

Guaranteed Service, Guaranteed Clean

We want every customer to be satisfied with the service and standard of cleaning that we strive to provide, which is why we offer our customers the best in carpet care with:

  1. A 30-Day 100% Clean Carpet Guarantee.
  2. A one-year carpet cleaning warranty.
  3. A quick-drying carpet cleaning method.
  4. An eco-friendly green carpet cleaning.

Become a KIWI Lover today!

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