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Wood Floor Cleaning Fort Worth, TX

Wood Floor Cleaning
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Customer Since 2015
5 star rating
Kiwi has been cleaning our carpet and floors for years. In addition to their superb job of cleaning, their professionalism is beyond reproach. I would recommend their services to anyone without hesitation.

Your beautiful hardwood floors can become dull over time. Years of dust, dirt, and debris can take a toll on them. The good news is that you can count on KIWI’s wood floor cleaning team to restore your floors to their former glory with an in-depth, professional cleaning that pulls out the tiniest particulates. We have 38 years of experience making all types of floors look their best, and we can do the same for your floor.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning: Fort Worth’s Local Experts

Our in-depth hardwood floor cleaning service includes cleaning, waxing, and buffing. Whether you have a whole house full of hardwoods or you only have a few rooms, KIWI’s expert wood floor cleaners can help. Fort Worth’s residents rely on us to remove deep-set stains, ordinary wear-and-tear, and more. Our customers aren’t shy about how happy they are with our services; just read their KIWI Services reviews for yourself.

Jerry R. (Fort Worth, TX, 76123)

5 star rating
“Great, we are fans of your service!”

Joe W.

5 star rating
“This was my first cleaning with KIWI. I loved the service your technician Walter did; everything looks so lovely. I appreciated Walter’s hard work and effort. He is a very nice man.”

Pat Waters

5 star rating
“Our technician, Troy G, was fantastic. He walked through our entire home with me as I explained what I expected. He listened and did exactly what I asked. The results were just as good as the first time he cleaned it. I am recommending your company to all my friends because of Troy’s excellent work.”

Jean Patton

5 star rating
“I loved it! The service was professional, polite, and friendly. I will recommend to others as they got out all the nasty stains.”

KIWI’s Fort Worth Wood Floor Cleaning Services

We’ll evaluate your floors to make sure we’re using the right process to pull up stains and ensure the deepest clean possible. We’ll identify what type of finish and sealant has been used on your floor, and then we’ll clean and mop to pick up dust and dirt. From there, we’ll buff, wax and polish; in the meantime, we’ll be working on specialized treatments for problem areas. There are many ways to clean wood floors including vinegar and water, a damp mop, usually a microfiber mop and microfiber pad, and or a right cleaning product that is dedicated to cleaning hardwood floors. You can also use floor polish, but none of these things will extend the life of your hardwood floors like a professional cleaning from KIWI. We will deep clean high traffic areas, and we will prevent damaging the floor that can come from doing it yourself. Instead of learning how to clean your wood floors properly, give KIWI’s professional wood floor cleaners a call. Our professional hardwood floor cleaners can also get dirt and debris out of your carpet as well with our carpet cleaning services.

Wood Floor Polishing and Waxing

Does the shine of your wood floors seem to have faded over time? At KIWI, we present the best of wood floor restoration through our unmatched wood floor polishing and waxing services. With 38 years in wood floor care, our team of seasoned experts stands ready to provide you with unparalleled service for your hardwood floors.

Wood Floor Buffing

Breathe new life into your cherished wood floors with KIWI’s professional wood floor buffing service. Over time, life may etch minor blemishes upon your hardwood floors. Yet, fear not, for our professional floor technicians possess the skills to bring back the original sheen and seamless appeal through our specialized buffing craftsmanship.

Why Choose KIWI for Your Wood Floor Polishing and Waxing Needs?

  • Unparalleled Expertise: Drawing from decades of experience, our technicians have unrivaled expertise in handling the intricate art of wood floor polishing and waxing.
  • Preservation and Protection: Our premium waxing products serve as a strong shield, safeguarding your wood floors from unsightly scratches and the wear and tear of daily life.
  • Restoring Natural Brilliance: Through our meticulous wood floor polishing process, we diligently restore the natural brilliance of your floors.
  • Evenness and Flawlessness: Our technicians will provide a seamless and even application of wax, leaving no room for unsightly streaks or uneven patches.


Call KIWI today at 817-585-5975. We’ll be happy to show you why you’ll love our hardwood floor deep-cleaning services.

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