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Pet Odor And Stain Removal

Pet Stain Carpet Cleaning
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I have used Kiwi services for many years. I have found them to be professional, courteous, and to always complete the job in a timely fashion. I recommend them for any carpet cleaning, rug cleaning need. In addition, their warranty is very good.

Comprehensive Pet Stain Removal Service: More than Just Cleaning with 39 Years of Experience

Embracing the joys of pet ownership – the endless loyalty, the lively antics, and the unwavering affection – comes with its set of challenges, especially for your home’s carpets. Dealing with pet stains, from unexpected accidents to the odd mishap, demands more than a superficial cleanse. These persistent marks, if not addressed aptly, might lead to prolonged carpet damage. But, at KIWI, it’s not merely about the look of the carpet. With 39 years of hands-on experience, our pet stain removal service dives deeper. We target the very core of the issue including the padding and the flooring below the carpet, ensuring both stains and associated odors are completely removed. Couple this with our 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and you can be confident in a refreshed and rejuvenated carpet every time.

From Stain Detection to Final Check: Our Comprehensive Pet Stains Removal Method

Kiwi Professional carpet cleaners use a systematic approach when tackling pet stains. Here are the steps typically taken by our technicians to remove pet stains from carpets:

  1. Preliminary Inspection: Identify the affected areas using black light or moisture detectors. This step helps locate old, dried stains that might not be visible to the naked eye.
  2. Dry Vacuuming: Use a professional-grade vacuum cleaner to remove loose debris and dirt from the carpet, ensuring the pet stain removal products can work more effectively.
  3. Pre-Treatment: Apply a specialized pet stain remover or enzyme-based cleaner. These solutions break down the proteins in pet stains, making them easier to remove.
  4. Agitation: Gently agitate the carpet fibers using a carpet brush or machine. This process helps distribute the cleaning solution evenly and allows it to penetrate deeper into the carpet fibers.
  5. Hot Water Extraction: Also known as steam cleaning, this step involves injecting hot water into the carpet and then extracting it, pulling out the dissolved pet stains and cleaning solution.
  6. Odor Neutralization: Treat the area with an odor-neutralizer to remove any lingering smells. Enzyme-based odor neutralizers are particularly effective as they break down the organic compounds causing the smell.
  7. Apply Carpet Protector: Once the stain is removed, some professionals might recommend applying a carpet protector. This helps in preventing future stains and makes it easier to clean up any new mishaps.
  8. Sanitizing and Disinfecting: After neutralizing odors, the treated areas are thoroughly sanitized and disinfected. This crucial step eliminates potential pathogens, ensuring a hygienic and safe carpet surface.
  9. Injecting Disinfector: To ensure an added layer of protection, especially in areas severely affected, a potent disinfecting solution is injected deep into the carpet fibers and padding. This targets and eliminates deeply-seated bacteria and pathogens, enhancing the overall results.
  10. Drying: Use high-speed fans or air movers to expedite the drying process, reducing the risk of mold or mildew growth.
  11. Final Inspection: Once the carpet is dry, inspect the area to ensure the stain and odor are completely removed. If any traces remain, the affected area might require additional treatment.

Restoring Carpets from Severe Pet Odor Damage

In severe cases where pet urine has deeply penetrated carpets, the underlying padding, and even the concrete subfloor, professionals will undertake a more involved restoration process. Here are the steps often taken for such severe cases:

  1. Initial Inspection: Using tools like UV lights and moisture detectors, professionals thoroughly inspect the affected area to gauge the severity of the damage.
  2. Carpet Lifting: The carpet is gently lifted from the affected area to expose the padding and subfloor beneath.
  3. Padding Removal: Damaged or soaked padding is removed and disposed of, as it’s often more cost-effective and efficient to replace it than to attempt cleaning.
  4. Subfloor Cleaning: The concrete subfloor is cleaned using a specialized solution to remove any urine salts and contaminants. This may require scrubbing or using specialized cleaning tools.
  5. Sealing and Sanitizing the Subfloor: After ensuring the subfloor is clean and dry, a sealant is applied to the concrete, acting as a barrier against any residual odors or urine salts from resurfacing. Additionally, the area is thoroughly sanitized and disinfected to eliminate potential pathogens, providing an extra layer of protection before installing new padding and carpet.
  6. Carpet Cleaning: While the padding is removed, the carpet is thoroughly cleaned and treated on both sides to remove any traces of urine and odor. This often involves enzyme treatments and deep cleaning methods.
  7. Replacing the Padding: New padding is cut to size and installed in the affected area, ensuring it aligns correctly with the existing padding.
  8. Reinstalling the Carpet: The cleaned carpet is stretched and reattached to the tack strip, ensuring it fits snugly and seamlessly with the rest of the room.
  9. Post-Treatment: The top side of the carpet undergoes another round of treatments for odor neutralization and protection, ensuring no lingering odors remain.
  10. Drying: High-speed fans or dehumidifiers are set up to expedite the drying process of both the carpet and subfloor, preventing mold or mildew development.
  11. Final Inspection and Client Walkthrough: The professional inspects the treated area one last time, then often walks the client through the process, explaining the work done and offering guidance for future prevention.
  12. Follow-up: Given the severity of the situation, the professional may schedule a follow-up visit to ensure the treatments were effective long-term and that the odors remain absent.
    This comprehensive process is guaranteed to completely get rid of the odors even in the most extreme cases. This specialized service comes with a 100% odor elimination guarantee.

Ready for an Odor-Free Home? Let’s Get Started!”

Restore Freshness to Your Space Now! Don’t let stubborn pet odors ruin the ambiance of your room. With our comprehensive treatment, bring back the original freshness of your carpets. Book our advanced pet odor elimination service today and breathe easy with our 100% odor elimination guarantee. Act now for a fresher, cleaner home!

Pet Stain & Odor Removal Customers reviews :

Alaha B.

Keller TX Pet Stain Removal Customer

5 star rating

“Jeff did a good job cleaning our carpets. Our dog ate something and threw up on the carpets. He took care of the stain and got it all up!”

Lisa D.

Arlington Pet Stain Removal and Carpet Pad Injection Customer

5 star rating

“Rodney did such a good job cleaning my carpets! There are absolutely no complaints here.”

Kallol K.

Sugar Land Carpet Cleaning and Pet Stain and Odor Removal Customer

5 star rating

“That guy really knew what he was doing, and I was amazed by the results! I am definitely happy with the results, and it was perfect!”

Lisa H.

Marietta Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Enzyme Pet Stain Removal Customer

5 star rating

“The tech showed up early. I was really worried about how the downstairs would turn out, but when he was done, I was amazed by the results! Not only was he doing a good job, but he was also very nice and courteous. I am very happy with my carpet cleaning!”

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