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Frequently Asked Questions About Carpet Repair

Carpet stretching by KiwiWe use professional power stretching tools, failsafe trimming methods, and precise knee kickers to ensure that the job gets done right. Although many believe nonprofessionals can do re-stretching carpets, we don’t recommend this. One of the reasons is that we employ carpeting experts who carefully inspect your carpeting, tack strips, and padding to identify the issue properly. Plus, we’ll help you figure out the root of the problem, whether it is related to humidity control, excessive use, or something else.
Carpet burns repairIt’s a simple formula: top-quality equipment and machinery plus expert carpet technicians. With every KIWI carpet burn repair service, you get a thorough inspection and quote to help you determine whether repairing your carpet is worth the trouble. With our amazing team and proven methods, we’re certain repairing carpets will save you tons of money, in the long run, over completely replacing your carpeting.

Absolutely, and we don’t stop there. We can also handle wrinkles, bulges, and tears, no matter how large or damaged.

Berber carpetYes. We’re experts when it comes to cleaning and repairing Berber. We’ll also gladly take care of your Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, olefin rugs, Chinese rugs, Indian rugs, Pakistani rugs, and much more.
Fix ripples and buckles of carpetThe way that KIWI repairs ripples, buckles, and saggy loose carpet is by performing carpet stretching and re-tacking with our state-of-the-art carpet repairing tools. Our technicians will have no trouble getting your carpet looking as good as new in no time.

KIWI can repair seams that have come loose around the edges in many places. We can replace loose seams where two pieces of carpets meet together and re-tack carpet around the threshold and along walls. KIWI can also patch bleached carpet with spare carpet or by taking carpet from an inconspicuous place like a closet.

Type of damages repaired by KiwiProfessional carpet repair services can address various types of damage, including tears, burns, stains, pet damage, seam repairs, and carpet stretching to fix wrinkles or loose areas. 
Fixing carpet paddingYes, professional carpet repair services can also address issues with the carpet padding, such as replacing damaged or worn-out padding and correcting problems that cause discomfort or uneven surfaces. 

The time required for a carpet repair service to complete a job depends on the type of repair needed. Minor repairs take one to two to three hours, while more complex repairs can take longer. 

Professional carpet repair services aim to restore the appearance of your carpet to its original state. However, factors such as the age of the carpet, wear patterns, and color fading may affect the final appearance. In most cases, a high-quality repair will be difficult to notice, mainly when performed by experienced technicians. 

To prevent future carpet damage, consider the following tips: address spills and stains promptly, avoid dragging heavy furniture across the carpet, use area rugs or mats in high-traffic areas, trim your pet’s nails regularly, and vacuum regularly to maintain the carpet’s overall health. 

Adding these FAQs to your carpet repair FAQ page can provide more valuable information for potential clients while improving the page’s SEO and relevance to user searches. 

Carpet stretching is performed by professional carpet repair technicians or companies specializing in carpet services. These experts have the necessary skills, experience, and tools to properly stretch and re-install your carpet, eliminating wrinkles, buckling, or loose areas. When looking for a technician or company to perform carpet stretching, ensure they have a solid reputation, relevant experience, and are licensed and insured to guarantee the best possible results and protect your investment.

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