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Carpet Repair in Dallas, TX

Carpets Being Repaired and Tech with Repair Tools

Burns, tears, and holes in your carpet are attention-grabbing flaws. And if you’re anything like most Dallas residents, you want nothing more than to have them repaired.

Fortunately, KIWI offers comprehensive carpet repair services in and around Dallas. We’ve been in business for 33 years, and we’re the go-to experts if you have carpet damage or pet damage. We can work in your living room or any other room with our power stretcher to stretch damaged carpet or provide tack strip replacement.

Dallas Carpet Repair: How KIWI Carpet Cleaning Can Help

No matter what type of damage your carpet has suffered, KIWI Carpet Cleaning can help. Our services include
repairs of areas damaged by pets, removal of rust stains, and removal of other permanent stains. We also:

Dallas Carpet Repair by Master Technician

5 Reasons To Choose KIWI

Over 35 years of experience.

Carpet repairs and stretching services

Wide variety of repairs including Berber

Professionally trained technicians

Three-year carpet repair guarantee

Become A KIWI Lover Today

  • Match carpet
  • Replace melted carpeting
  • Tighten loose or ruffled carpet
  • Replace carpet tack strips
  • Repair burn holes
  • Repair water and mold damage
  • Stretch carpet
  • Retack carpet
  • Remove ripples
  • Repair buckles
  • Fix torn seams and frayed edges
  • Repair loose edges
  • Fix Bleached spots
  • Perform Carpet Patch

The Carpet Repair Professionals

Our technicians have 33 years of experience repairing carpets in Dallas, and they can fix yours, too. It doesn’t even matter what type of carpet you have; from shag to Berber, we can help. We’ll also back their work with our official carpet repair guarantee, which is good for one year from the date of service. The one-year guarantee covers the quality of our workmanship, which is unmatched by other companies in Dallas. You’ll also love our 30-day satisfaction guarantee, which ensures that you’re pleased with the services we’ve provided.

Dallas Carpet Repairs and cleaning Dallas

Top-Notch Carpet Repair in Dallas

You don’t have to live another day with a damaged carpet. KIWI Carpet Cleaning will be happy to send technicians out to give you a free carpet repair estimate.

There’s a reason KIWI Carpet Cleaning has serviced hundreds of thousands of homes in the South. All of our customers in and around Dallas enjoy our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Whether you’re dealing with pet bites, holes, and tears, flood damage or snags, we can help you. Our professional carpet technicians can repair exposed seams, fix the thresholds between rooms, and reattach carpets that have come loose over time. No matter what you need, KIWI Carpet Cleaning can provide the solution.

Dallas Carpet Repair: Reviews from Our Customers

5 star rating

“I used KIWI right when we moved into our new house – they were prompt, efficient, and ‘green.’ I am using them again this fall to clean again.”

Kim D. (Dallas, TX, 75229)
5 star rating
“Another excellent KIWI cleaning experience!”

Michael G. 
5 star rating
“My carpet repair and cleaning was wonderful! My technician was Ray and he worked really hard while he was here…I mean really hard. I appreciated all his hard work, he is a very nice man.”

Shirley P. 
5 star rating
“Wonderful Service! My carpet cleaning and stretching turned out great. Johnny, your technician was very professional and he did a perfect job. I have a lot of company in town right now and everything looks beautiful for my guests. I am so glad that I had everything done with y’all.”

Need Carpet Repair in Dallas?

Call KIWI Carpet Cleaning at 972-354-0034. Tell us what’s wrong with your carpet, and we’ll send someone out to give you a free carpet repair estimate right away.


Carpet Repair

All Our Carpet Repairs Are Guaranteed For Three Years

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