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Frequently Asked Questions About Rug Cleaning

Kiwi Rug Cleaning Free Pickup DeliveryArea rugs should be cleaned by a professional at least once a year. KIWI has multiple rug cleaning facilities serving the metro areas and the nearby surrounding cities of  DallasFort WorthHoustonAustinPlanoAtlanta, and Marieta. You can take an area rug to be cleaned to any of our rug cleaners facilities or take advantage of our convent-free rug cleaning pickup and delivery services. So When you are looking for where to get rugs cleaned, look no further; KIWI will pick up your rugs, clean them, deliver them, and roll them back in place.
Difference between rug and carpetWhile the two words are frequently used interchangeably, a rug indicates a floor covering that does not extend across the entire room and is not secured to the floor (as in an area rug). A carpet indicates wall-to-wall carpeting that covers the entire floor in a room and is attached with tacking strips and glue so it doesn’t come up and cause a tripping hazard.
KIWI rug odor removal If your area rug gets a lot of foot traffic, especially in a foyer or entranceway that leads outside, you should have it professionally cleaned. This is because all outdoor contaminants might be brought in, including a great deal of moisture that may cause bacteria and mold to grow. It is difficult to fully remove these toxins just by vacuuming and with cleaning products available to the public. Also, daily traffic will cause dirt to be ground into the rug’s fibers, making it more difficult to clean. It also makes sense to have an expert clean any rugs that have experienced bad stains.Without regular maintenance, rugs will also wear out over time. A thorough cleaning will not only make a rug look almost new again. It will also extend the life of that rug. Dirt and other contaminants will be abrasive against the rug’s fibers, eventually wearing them out. However, with proper cleaning by an expert, a quality rug can look beautiful for many years.
Regular Rug CleaningThe answer to this question greatly depends on the type of rug and wherein a home, office, or public building it’s located. For rugs that experience normal wear, you should clean them every 1 to 5 years, depending on how much traffic it gets. For high-traffic rugs or rugs in homes with pets, clean them yearly. Rugs in entranceways, hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms should be professionally cleaned every 1 to 2 years. Rugs in living, family and dining rooms can go between cleanings for 2 to 4 years. For bedrooms, most rugs only need a thorough cleaning every five years, and for wall hanging rugs, every 38 years.
Kiwi Rug Cleaning ProcessSome cleaners immerse the rugs in a vat of liquid, which may damage more delicate weaves, but not KIWI! Our trained professionals hand clean every rug, giving special attention to every kind of rug, so the cleaning is done safely. In addition to our cleaning services, we offer rug repair and restoration with nearly 38 years of experience. We know our rugs! Whether it’s an Oriental rug, Persian, Egyptian, Pakistani, Berber, Chinese, or some other variety, we have the necessary expertise to make it look almost new again. We use a 7-step process for our rug cleaning services.

KIWI cleaning process

Our rugs are cleaned with our special pH-balanced citrus cleaner that safely and thoroughly cleans while being friendly to the environment, people, and pets. In addition to being certified by The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), we’re also fully licensed and insured.
Rug Pet Stains RemovalWe can! KIWI’s professionally trained and highly skilled rug cleaning technicians are trained in our Ozone Treatment, where we confine our rugs in an odor-neutralized chamber that allows us to eliminate all pet odors and stains. We at KIWI are equipped to handle any rug pet odor or stain removal.
All Rug Types Cleaned by KiwiProfessional rug cleaning services can handle a wide range of rug types, including Oriental, Persian, wool, silk, synthetic, and more. They use specialized techniques and cleaning solutions tailored to each rug type to ensure a thorough and safe cleaning. 
Rug Should be Cleaned RegularlyThe frequency of professional rug cleaning depends on factors such as the type of rug, foot traffic, presence of pets, and overall rug condition. It is recommended to have your rugs professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. Factors like pets and heavy traffic may increase the cleaning frequency. 
Rug Pet Stains RemovalYes, professional rug cleaning services can effectively remove pet stains and odors from your rugs. They use specialized cleaning solutions and techniques designed to eliminate stains, odors, and harmful contaminants, ensuring a clean and fresh-smelling rug. 

After a professional cleaning, the drying time for rugs varies depending on factors such as humidity, ventilation, and the specific cleaning method used. Generally, rugs should be dry within 6-12 hours after cleaning. Your service technician will provide specific recommendations based on your situation. 

Rug Cleaning and Repair by KiwiMany professional rug cleaning services also offer rug repair and restoration services. They can address issues such as frayed edges, torn or damaged fibers, and color fading, helping to restore the appearance and extend the lifespan of your rug. Adding these FAQs to your rug cleaning FAQ page can provide more valuable information for potential clients while improving the page’s SEO and relevance to user searches. 
DIY vs Professional Rug CleaningIn-home rug cleaning involves cleaning the rug at your home or business, using portable equipment and cleaning solutions. Off-site rug cleaning involves taking the rug to a specialized facility, where it undergoes a more thorough cleaning process using advanced equipment and techniques. Off-site cleaning is generally recommended for delicate or valuable rugs, as it allows for a deeper clean and better results. 

To maintain your rug between professional cleanings, follow these tips: 

  • Regularly vacuum or sweep the rug to remove dirt, dust, and debris 
  • Rotate the rug every few months to distribute wear and prevent uneven fading 
  • Use rug pads to prevent slipping and provide cushioning, which can prolong the rug’s lifespan 
  • Keep the rug away from direct sunlight to minimize fading 
  • Address spills and stains promptly using appropriate cleaning products for your rug type 
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning tools that may damage the rug’s fibers 

You can take it to a professional rug cleaning service in your local area. These specialized cleaning companies have the expertise and equipment required to handle various types of rugs, including Oriental, Persian, and wool rugs. They use appropriate cleaning techniques to ensure the safety and longevity of your rug while effectively removing dirt, stains, and odors. To find a reputable rug cleaning service, you can search online, ask for recommendations from friends or family, or check customer reviews to ensure you choose a reliable and experienced provider.

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