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Tile And Grout Cleaning Dallas, TX

Tile And Grout Cleaning
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I have used Kiwi for 10+ years and I keep coming back! I can get a cleaning in a reasonable amount of time, I know the cost in advance, professional teammembers do great work on the phone and in my home and always a great outcome. I have used them for carpet mostly, but I did use their tile cleaning service 2 years ago and the tile/grout cleanup came out like new. Highly recommend their services!

KIWI’s Expertise in Tile and Grout Cleaning in Dallas

With an impressive 38 years in the industry, KIWI specializes in tile and grout cleaning and maintaining vital areas of your home, from kitchen to bathroom tiles. Regardless of your floor material—be it ceramic, stone, or porcelain—our seasoned technicians excel in deep cleaning. Employing our brush-to-scrub technique, we promise to restore your floors to their original sheen. Our comprehensive cleaning process effectively tackles dirt, grime, and grout lines. With our sealing services, you can safeguard your pristine floors for years to come. Beyond tile cleaning, KIWI’s offerings extend to top-tier carpet and area rug cleaning, sidestepping conventional truck-mounted high-pressure steam techniques.

Diverse Tile Servicing and Advanced Cleaning Techniques by KIWI

Our Dallas-based tile cleaning experts cater to an array of flooring:

  • Residential spaces, encompassing kitchen, bathroom, and foyer tiles.
  • Walkways.
  • Both newly installed tiles and the charm of old tiles with aged grout.
  • Intricate mosaic floors and distinctive patterns.
  • Spaces ranging from retail hubs, commercial entities to small businesses.
  • Effective mold and mildew treatments.

KIWI doesn’t just offer a superficial clean. We delve deep with unique, eco-friendly cleansers tailored to banish dirt and address heavily soiled regions. Our efficient buffers and bonnets are designed to extract dirt without causing abrasion, restoring your floor’s innate glow. Our specialized machinery is laser-focused on grout and tile, capable of reaching deep-rooted stains. We embrace diversity, servicing a variety of tiles, from natural ones like slate, marble, and travertine, to man-made variants such as terracotta and Saltillo. Whether your tile sports a natural texture or has been refined to a polished finish, KIWI ensures it regains its brand-new look.

Expertise in Cleaning Natural to Man-Made Tiles in Dallas

We pride ourselves on not just cleaning but rejuvenating the look of your tiles. Our enhanced approach includes:

  • Expertise with Various Tiles: From mountain-born to man-made, we handle slate, marble, terracotta, and more.
  • Deep Cleaning Prowess: Using specialized machines that target deeply-set stains, ensuring pristine tiles every time.
  • Detailed Grout Cleaning: Targeting grout lines with precision, bringing them back to their original look.
  • Tailored Cleaning Process: A unique brush-to-scrub method that is effective and efficient, especially for challenging stains.
  • Reliable Service Guarantee: Backed by our 38 years of experience, ensuring client satisfaction every time.
  • Special Care for Special Tiles: Addressing unique needs of tiles like mosaic floors, antiquated grout, and special patterns.

We don’t stop at the common tiles. From the elegance of mountain-born tiles such as slate and marble to the sturdy appeal of man-made tiles like terracotta and ceramic, our cleaning techniques cater to them all, promising a finish that looks and feels new.

Professional Tile Cleaners: More Than Just Surface Cleaning

At KIWI, our expertise in tile restoration ensures that your flooring looks as good as new. Our team of professional tile cleaners specialize in:

  • Tile maintenance: Preserving the longevity of your tiles, preventing them from looking worn out.
  • Floor polishing: Giving a renewed shine to each tile, reviving their original luster.
  • Stone floor cleaning: Tailoring our approach to handle the delicacy of stone surfaces, ensuring they are immaculate.

Furthermore, our grout sealing service ensures that the spaces between your tiles are well-protected and look just as pristine as the tiles themselves.

We also provide Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning

At KIWI, we recognize the significance of maintaining impeccable commercial spaces. Our top-tier tile and grout cleaning services are designed for businesses, helping your establishment project a polished and professional image.

Revitalize Your Floors with KIWI’s Expert Tile & Grout Cleaning

Experience a transformative difference in your flooring with KIWI’s proven tile and grout cleaning expertise. Serving Dallas for over 38 years, we provide unrivaled results that elevate the aesthetics and add value to your property. No job is too large for our dedicated professionals. Call 972-354-0300, now for a free estimate, and let us pave the way to impeccable floors that leave a lasting impression – a pristine floor is just a call away.

Kylie K. (Dallas, TX, 75252)

5 star rating
“I was very impressed. The technician was knowledgeable about the process and very professional.”

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