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Tile And Grout Cleaning

Tile And Grout Cleaning
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I have used Kiwi for 10+ years and I keep coming back! I can get a cleaning in a reasonable amount of time, I know the cost in advance, professional teammembers do great work on the phone and in my home and always a great outcome. I have used them for carpet mostly, but I did use their tile cleaning service 2 years ago and the tile/grout cleanup came out like new. Highly recommend their services!

When selecting a tile and grout cleaning company, you want to be sure that you choose a reputable one with experience and professional know-how in cleaning tile and grout. With over 39 years in business, KIWI Services is one the most trusted names for tile and grout cleaning services. Tens of thousands of happy customers have trusted us to provide them with professional tile and grout cleaning service, and so can you!

The Most Meticulous Tile And Grout Cleaners

Tile and grout floors are a great low-maintenance choice. Still, over time with traffic, dirt, and contaminants buildup, they will need to be professionally cleaned to restore their original luster. Our team of friendly tile and grout cleaners has the knowledge and expertise you can rely upon to bring back that original luster to your floors. They are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and they will take the time and put in the effort to make sure that you are a happy customer and back it up with a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our Tile And Grout Cleaning Process

When our technicians come to your home or business to clean your tile and grout, they will do more than just sweep, mop, and vacuum. They will do a full detailed, quality cleaning that leaves your floors looking their best. They will utilize the best equipment and solution to produce the best cleaning results.

Here are the steps we take to get your tiles looking great:

  1. Pre cleaning tile and grout inspectionPreform pre-cleaning inspection to identify areas that need specialized treatment
  2. Moving furniture for tile and grout cleaningCover up walls, appliances, and furniture with plastic to protect them from an accidental splash.
  3. Pre spray cleaning solution for tile and grout cleaningPre-spray Environmentally friendly cleaning solution to dissolve dirt, grime, grease, and heavily soiled areas on the floor.
  4. Applying grout cleanerApply special grout cleaner to dissolve grime embedded within the grout lines.
  5. Floor buffingBuff the floor with a specially designed tile cleaning brush to loosen deeply embedded dirt in the floor’s tiles and pores grout lines.
  6. Rinse the floorThoroughly rinse tiles and grout, then use a specialized extractor to remove all residue and moisture.
  7. Repeat the steps for tile and grout cleaningRedo the prior cleaning, rinsing, buffing, and grout treatment if necessary.
  8. Buffing the floorRebuff the floors with thick cotton bonnets to loosen and lift particles while restoring the shine and luster of the tile.
  9. tile grout closeup inspectionPerform hands and knees close-up inspection of the floor grout lines.
  10. tile and grout cleaning with handsPerform detailed hand cleaning where needed.
  11. Apply sealer on tile floorFor an additional charge, we can apply a water-based sealer to enhance the look of the floor and help protect it from future spills.
  12. tile and grout cleaning 30 days guaranteeProvide you with a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Exceptional Grout and Tile Cleaning by KIWI

Transform your home’s appearance with KIWI’s top-notch grout and tile cleaning services. Our expert technicians utilize advanced cleaning techniques and solutions to remove stubborn dirt, grime, and stains from your tile floors, leaving them looking immaculate and rejuvenated. With KIWI’s grout and tile cleaning service, you can expect a thorough and efficient cleaning process that will restore your floors to their original beauty. Our professionals work diligently to ensure that your tiles and grout lines are spotless and protected, providing you with a fresh and inviting living space. Trust KIWI Services for exceptional grout and tile cleaning that delivers remarkable results every time.

Professional Cleaning for All Types of Tile Floors

For over 39 years, KIWI has established itself as a professional tile floor cleaning leader. Our certified technicians bring unmatched expertise in cleaning and polishing all types of tile floors. We tailor our approach to each unique tile type and ensure meticulous care and outstanding results. From ceramics to luxurious marble and from earthy terracotta to sleek polished concrete, our team is adept at enhancing the natural beauty of your floors, maintaining their elegance and durability. Trust KIWI’s legacy of excellence to rejuvenate your tile floors:

  • Mosaic Tile: Mosaic Tile is known for its intricate designs and aesthetic appeal. Maintenance typically involves regular cleaning to preserve the detailed patterns and to prevent grout discoloration. KIWI provides specialized cleaning services to maintain the vibrancy of mosaic tiles.
  • Pebble Tile: Offers a unique texture and appearance, often used in bathrooms. Regular sealing is recommended to protect against moisture and to maintain the natural look of the pebbles. KIWI’s services include careful sealing to uphold the tile’s distinct texture.
  • Metal Tile: A less common choice, known for its modern look and durability. Requires minimal maintenance, usually just regular cleaning to prevent water spots and maintain shine. KIWI offers tailored cleaning solutions for maintaining the sleek appearance of metal tile.
  • Quarry Tile: Known for its natural, earthy appearance and durability. Regular sealing is important to prevent staining, and routine cleaning is necessary to maintain its natural color. KIWI’s expertise ensures quarry tiles retain their robust charm.
  • Encaustic Cement Tile: Characterized by their colorful patterns and artistic designs. Requires sealing to protect its porous surface and should be cleaned gently to avoid damaging the patterns. KIWI’s gentle yet effective cleaning methods safeguard these artistic tiles.
  • Wood Look Tile: Provides the appearance of wood with the durability of tile. Maintenance is similar to that of other ceramic tiles, requiring regular cleaning and avoiding harsh chemicals that can damage the finish. KIWI specializes in wood-look tile care, preserving its natural beauty.
  • Polished Concrete Tile: Offers a sleek, modern look with high durability. It needs regular cleaning to prevent dirt accumulation and occasional resealing to maintain its glossy finish. KIWI’s services enhance the sleek look of polished concrete tiles.
  • Victorian Tile: Known for their classic patterns and historical significance. Requires gentle cleaning methods to preserve their intricate patterns and periodic sealing to protect against wear and tear. KIWI is adept at caring for these historically significant tiles.
  • Porcelain Tile: Highly durable and low-maintenance, resistant to moisture and stains. Regular cleaning with mild detergents is sufficient, and it rarely requires sealing. KIWI’s expertise in porcelain tile care keeps them looking pristine.
  • Ceramic Tile: Versatile and popular, suitable for various indoor settings. Easy to clean and maintain, though unglazed ceramic tiles may need sealing to protect against stains. KIWI’s ceramic tile services ensure lasting beauty and functionality.
  • Stone Tile: Encompasses various natural stone options like marble and granite, each with unique maintenance needs. Generally requires sealing and specific cleaners to avoid damage. KIWI offers expert care for all types of stone tiles.
  • Marble Floors: Luxurious and elegant but porous and prone to staining. Requires regular sealing and gentle cleaning with pH-neutral cleaners to prevent etching. KIWI’s marble floor services protect and enhance their natural elegance.
  • Granite: Known for its toughness and resistance to scratches. Needs periodic sealing to maintain stain resistance and can be cleaned with mild detergent. KIWI’s granite cleaning service ensures that this tough material remains immaculate.
  • Slate: Durable and naturally slip-resistant. Benefits from sealing to protect against stains and can be cleaned with a mild detergent and a soft brush. KIWI’s slate maintenance program keeps these tiles safe and attractive.
  • Limestone: Softer and more porous than marble and granite. Requires regular sealing to protect against stains and should be cleaned with pH-neutral products. KIWI’s careful cleaning regimen preserves limestone’s subtle beauty.
  • Travertine Tile: Porous and sensitive to acidic substances. Regular sealing is necessary and should be cleaned with special stone cleaners to avoid damage. KIWI’s travertine cleaning service maintains its unique character.
  • Terrazzo: Made of marble, quartz, or glass chips set in concrete. Durable and easy to maintain, requiring just regular mopping and occasional polishing. KIWI brings out the best in terrazzo floors with specialized care.
  • Saltillo Tile: A type of terracotta tile known for its rustic look. Requires sealing to protect against moisture and stains, and should be cleaned with pH-neutral cleaners. KIWI’s Saltillo tile treatment enhances their warm, earthy tones.
  • Flagstone: Typically used outdoors, known for its rugged, natural look. Needs sealing to protect against weather elements and can be cleaned with mild detergent. KIWI’s flagstone service ensures durability in all elements.
  • Glass Tile: Offers a luminous, reflective quality. Easy to clean but can be prone to scratches; use non-abrasive cleaners and soft cloths for maintenance. KIWI’s gentle cleaning preserves the shine and integrity of glass tiles.
  • Cement Tile: Characterized by their unique patterns and colors. Cement Tile Requires sealing to protect its porous surface and should be cleaned with pH-neutral cleaners to preserve color integrity. KIWI’s cement tile care highlights their artistic flair.

No matter the location –the kitchen, bathroom, foyer, walkways, patios, or entryways – or the type of floor, KIWI’s pro technicians can restore any tiled surface to its original splendor. Our commitment is to make every tile floor we touch clean and give it a renewed appearance that feels as if it’s been newly installed.

Comprehensive Tile and Grout Cleaning Solutions: Cleaning: Our Expert Approach

At KIWI Services, we specialize in a wide array of tile and grout cleaning services, expertly tailored to suit each client’s unique needs. Our services range from gentle residential cleaning to robust solutions for busy commercial spaces. With a focus on both cleanliness and tile preservation, our skilled team is equipped to handle various cleaning challenges, ensuring top-quality care for every type of tiled surface.

  • Residential, Retail, and Commercial Cleaning: We provide expert cleaning solutions across various settings, from cozy homes to bustling commercial spaces.
  • Light Maintenance Cleaning: Our routine cleaning services are designed to maintain the appearance and hygiene of tiles without intensive work
  • Deep Cleaning: A more thorough cleaning process for removing built-up dirt, grime, and stains that cannot be addressed through light cleaning.
  • Polishing: This service enhances the shine and finish of the tile, making it look more aesthetically appealing.
  • Sealing: A protective service that involves applying a sealant to guard against staining and facilitate easier cleaning.
  • Discoloration Treatment: This is for addressing issues with tile surfaces or colored grout that have lost their original color or have uneven coloring.
  • Haze Removal: Specific to the removal of the cloudy film that can appear on tile after installation, we efficiently remove any haze, ensuring a pristine finish.
  • Tile Mosaic Floors: Our specialized cleaning services for mosaic tiles which may require delicate handling due to their design and materials.
  • Custom Tile Patterns: Cleaning services tailored for floors with unique tile patterns, possibly requiring specific techniques without compromising their intricate designs.
  • Fireplace Tile and Surrounds: We effectively clean fireplace tiles and surrounds, removing tough soot stains and accumulated dirt.
  • Disinfecting for Germs, Bacteria, Mold, and Mildew: A health-focused service, especially important in humid environments, our EPA-registered cleaning solution eliminates harmful microorganisms.
  • Grout Color Sealing: Beyond mere cleaning, we also offer color sealing for grout to both protect and enhance its appearance.

With over 39 years of experience, we at KIWI Services are proud to be a trusted name in professional tile and grout cleaning, ensuring each service is performed with our signature expertise.

We Also Provide Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning With Free Estimates And 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

commercial tile and grout cleaningChoose Kiwi Services for top-notch commercial tile and grout cleaning. Our expert team, equipped with specialized techniques and 39 years of experience, offers free estimates and stands behind our 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. Transform your business environment with Kiwi’s meticulous attention to detail. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we aim to make your commercial floors look immaculate to help reflect a professional image of your business.

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Is your tile and grout lacking its original luster? Let Kiwi Services bring back the shine with our expert cleaning solutions! Take the first step towards sparkling floors without any commitment.

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Choose Kiwi Services for a hassle-free approach to tile and grout cleaning. We promise quality, care, and customer satisfaction with every job – no strings attached!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Makes Kiwi’s Tile and Grout Cleaning Eco-Friendly?
Kiwi Services is committed to environmental responsibility. Our tile and grout cleaning process utilizes environmentally friendly solutions that are effective yet gentle on the planet. These solutions are designed to deliver excellent cleaning results without the harsh chemicals found in traditional cleaning agents, ensuring a safe environment for your family and pets.
How Often Should Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Be Done?
The frequency of professional tile and grout cleaning depends on several factors, such as foot traffic, location of the tiles (kitchen, bathroom, etc.), and overall usage. Generally, it’s recommended to have professional cleaning done at least once a year. However, in high-traffic areas or places prone to spills and stains, like kitchens and bathrooms, more frequent cleaning may be necessary to maintain the appearance and hygiene of your tiles and grout. Regular professional cleaning helps prolong the life of your tiles and keep them looking fresh and new.
Can Kiwi Services Remove Hard Water Stains from Tiles?
Yes, our team is equipped to handle hard water stains, which are common in areas with mineral-rich water. Our cleaning process includes specialized solutions and techniques specifically designed to tackle these stubborn stains, restoring the natural beauty and shine of your tiles without causing any harm to the tile surface.
Does Kiwi Services Offer Grout Sealing After Cleaning?
After cleaning, we offer an optional grout sealing service. This additional step involves applying a water-based sealer that enhances the look of your floors and provides a protective barrier against future spills and stains. This sealing helps to extend the cleanliness and appearance of your grout lines

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