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Carpet Seam Repair

Expert Carpet Seam Repair by Kiwi
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Our family has used Kiwi for the last three years and will continue for years to come. They offer outstanding customer service from the time they answer the phone to schedule service, the work completed, and follow after your appointment. Outstanding, knowledgeable, and miracle workers with carpet repairs.

Your carpets are some of the most durable surfaces in your home. But after many months or years of use, rips and tears are susceptible to happen—especially in areas that experience daily heavy foot traffic. Although you may think you have to reinstall carpet in the entire room, a simple carpet seam repair will easily do the trick.

Our carpet repair technicians are well versed in all types of carpet repairs, including pet stain repairs, carpet stretching, pet bites, burn holes, rust, and permanent stains, smoothing ruffled carpet, and of course, fixing loose carpet seams.

Best of all, every single one of our carpet repairs is guaranteed for one year to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the quality we provide.

Our Carpet Seam Repair Process

When it comes to carpet seam repair, there’s a marked difference between a DIY job and the finesse of a professional touch. At KIWI Services, we don’t just repair your carpet seams; we restore them with meticulous care and precision, ensuring results that look impeccable and stand the test of time. Our certified technicians bring a blend of expertise, precision tools, and a commitment to excellence to every job, guaranteeing a repair that’s not just done but done right.

Here’s how our KIWI Pro technicians breathe new life into your carpets with our comprehensive seam repair process:

Initial Inspection:

  • A KIWI Pro technician begins by inspecting the carpet’s damaged seam gauging the severity and extent of the wear.
  • Based on the assessment, he will determine the best repair plan and whether to mend or entirely replace the seam.
  • Accurately measure the area for any necessary cuts.

    Workspace Preparation:

    • The technician ensures a clear and clean working space by moving furniture and other items out of the way.
    • Then, thoroughly clean the carpet area to remove any debris or particles that could impede the repair.

      Seam Undoing:

      • With precision tools, the technician gently disjoins the carpet at the seam, taking care not to cause additional damage.
      • Peel back the carpet to reveal the subfloor and the old seam tape for removal.

      Old Adhesive and Tape Removal:

      • The technician carefully scrapes old adhesive and seam tape from the carpet backing and subfloor.
      • Clean and remove any residue.

      Edge Trimming and Alignment:

      • Any frayed or damaged carpet edges are then trimmed to a neat edge.
      • Align the carpet edges to ensure a flawless fit when rejoined.

      Seam Tape and Adhesive Application:

      • Seam tape is placed beneath the carpet edges, with the adhesive side facing up
      • Seam iron activates the tape’s adhesive, depending on the type used.

      Seam Joining and Sealing:

      • The technician joins the two carpet edges over the seam tape.
      • Firm pressure is then applied along the seam for optimal adherence to the tape.
      • A seam roller is used to reinforce the bond and achieve a smooth, flat finish.

      Adhesive Curing and Seam Setting:

      • Adequate time is allowed for the adhesive to cure and the seam to settle.
      • During this period, the area should be kept free from foot traffic and furniture to ensure proper setting.

      Final Touch-Up and Area Vacuuming:

      • The technician thoroughly inspects the repaired seam to confirm its alignment and security.
      • Any excess adhesive on the carpet surface is then cleaned.
      • The area is vacuumed to rejuvenate the carpet pile and integrate the seam seamlessly with the surrounding carpet.

      Quality Assurance and 3-Year Guarantee:

      • A final quality check ensures the repair adheres to KIWI’s exacting standards.
      • KIWI Pro’s commitment to excellence is underscored by our exclusive 3-year guarantee for all repair work, offering our clients peace of mind.

      This meticulous approach by our Pro repair technician ensures that the seam repair is aesthetically pleasing and durable, extending the life and beauty of the carpet.

      KIWI’s carpet repair reviews

      Sparty Green
      5 star rating
      “My technician was Enrique and he was excellent. He showed up on time and did each service beyond my expectation. I had carpet repair in several places, carpet/rug/tile/hardwood cleaning, and duct cleaning. My home never felt better! I will highly recommend this company over any other in the metroplex and I think Enrique has a lot to do with it.”

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      Is your carpet showing signs of wear and tear at the seams? Allow KIWI Services to breathe new life into your flooring. Our no-obligation free estimate allows you to explore the best options for your carpet’s needs without pressure. Our team of skilled technicians is committed to delivering impeccable seam repairs, enhancing the durability and appearance of your carpets.

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