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Wood Floor Cleaning
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Kiwi has been cleaning our carpet and floors for years. In addition to their superb job of cleaning, their professionalism is beyond reproach. I would recommend their services to anyone without hesitation.

KIWI’s Wood Floor Cleaning in Austin: A Class Apart

When it comes to wood floor cleaning, KIWI leads the pack with over 39 years of experience serving Austin homeowners and businesses. Our commitment to quality, thorough cleaning process, and professional team all come together to give your wood floors the care they deserve. We transform r floors from dull and dirty to clean, shiny, and inviting.

Uniquely Tailored Care: Hand-Scraped Hardwood Floor Cleaning by KIWI Austin

With their custom and rustic look, hand-scraped hardwood floors deserve a cleaning service that respects their uniqueness. KIWI’s hand-scraped hardwood floor cleaning service is specifically tailored to maintain the aesthetic of these unique floors. Using specially designed products and equipment, our Austin expert technicians help preserve the hand-crafted details of your floors, keeping them as striking as the day they were installed. Trust KIWI, where we treat your unique floors with the care they deserve.

Hardwood Floor Polishing Services: Superior Care for Your Floors

Hardwood floors demand specialized care to keep their gleam intact. At KIWI Austin, we offer superior hardwood floor polishing services designed to maintain the luster of your hardwood floors. Our skilled technicians come prepared with high-quality, environmentally friendly polishes. They are dedicated to giving your floors the best possible care. Choose KIWI for the shine your hardwood floors deserve.

Professional Floor Waxing in Austin: For Lasting Shine

Preserve the beauty of your floors with our Professional Floor Waxing service. We apply premium, eco-friendly waxes to your floors, creating a protective layer that enhances their shine. Trust KIWI to keep any type of floors looking their best.

Advantages of Choosing KIWI’s Wood Floor Cleaning Services

By choosing KIWI’s professional wood floor cleaning services, you’re not just getting a clean floor – you’re investing in a multitude of benefits that enhance your home’s aesthetics and protect your investment.

  • Extends the Life of Your Floor: Our services are crafted to greatly prolong the life of your wooden floors, ensuring you get a long-lasting return on your investment.
  • Enhances the Floor’s Appearance: A clean wooden floor is a beautiful wooden floor. Our cleaning services greatly enhance the appearance of your floor, restoring its inherent charm and grandeur.
  • Maintains Healthy Indoor Air Quality: With our thorough cleaning techniques, we eliminate dust and allergens trapped in your floor, promoting healthier indoor air quality for your home or business.
  • Saves Time and Effort: Why sweat over the backbreaking work of cleaning when you can let the professionals handle it? Our services save you both time and effort.

Explore KIWI’s Full Suite of Cleaning Services in Austin

At KIWI Services in Austin, we extend our expertise beyond wood floor cleaning to encompass a comprehensive array of home maintenance solutions. Each service is designed to enhance and revitalize your living or working space.

  • Rug Cleaning Precision: Elevate the condition of your rugs with KIWI’s meticulous rug cleaning services. Whether dealing with delicate heirlooms or everyday area rugs, we ensure a deep clean that respects each rug’s unique character and beauty.
  • Upholstery Refresh: Transform your furniture from tired and stained to bright and inviting with our upholstery cleaning service. KIWI tackles everything from superficial dirt to deep-seated stains, rejuvenating your upholstered pieces.
  • Air Duct Clarity: Improve your indoor air quality dramatically with KIWI’s air duct cleaning. Removing dust, allergens, and contaminants from your HVAC system we help create a healthier environment for you and your loved ones.
  • Water Damage Restoration: Quick, professional responses to water damage can save your home from long-term issues. KIWI’s water damage restoration services offer prompt, effective solutions to mitigate damage and restore harmony.
  • Carpet Cleaning Excellence: Revive your carpets with KIWI’s comprehensive carpet cleaning services. We remove stubborn stains and built-up dirt, refreshing your carpets and enhancing the overall cleanliness of your space.
  • Tile and Grout Sparkle: Bring back the shine to your tile and grout with KIWI’s cleaning services. Our effective cleaning techniques tackle grime and discoloration, leaving your tile surfaces gleaming and protected.

With KIWI Services in Austin, every aspect of your home can enjoy the same level of care and attention to detail that we bring to wood floor cleaning. Reach out today to discover how we can make your entire home feel fresh, clean, and revitalized.

Your Floors Deserve the Best: Get a Free Quote for Our Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Let your floors experience the best in professional hardwood floor cleaning. Our expertise spans over 39 years, guaranteeing your satisfaction in the clean and shine of your floors, whether it is home or business. We uphold our service quality with a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us today at 512-381-3415 and get your free, no-obligation wood floor cleaning quote. Let your floors shine again with Kiwi services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can KIWI’s cleaning services help reduce home allergens more effectively than regular vacuuming?
Yes, KIWI’s professional cleaning services are designed to remove allergens and dust particles that regular vacuuming might leave behind, thanks to our advanced cleaning techniques and equipment.
Are the cleaning products used by KIWI safe for children and pets?
Absolutely. KIWI is committed to the safety of your family and pets, using only eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning solutions in our services.
How long does it typically take for the floors to dry after a KIWI wood floor cleaning?
Floors typically dry within a few hours after cleaning. However, drying times can vary based on the specific type of wood and the humidity levels in your home.
Can KIWI remove deep scratches from hardwood floors during the cleaning process?
While KIWI’s cleaning process can minimize the appearance of some scratches, deep scratches may require our floor refinishing service for complete removal.
Does KIWI offer any warranty on wood floor cleaning and polishing services?
Yes, KIWI offers a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee on our wood floor cleaning and polishing services, ensuring our clients’ utmost satisfaction.
How often should I have my wood floors professionally cleaned and polished?
For optimal maintenance, we recommend having your wood floors professionally cleaned and polished at least once a year, although homes with high traffic may benefit from more frequent services.
Can KIWI’s services help extend the lifespan of my hardwood floors?
Definitely. Regular professional cleaning and maintenance by KIWI can protect your floors from damage and wear, effectively extending their lifespan and keeping them looking beautiful for years to come.

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