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Carpet Patch Repair Service

Carpet Patch Repair Service
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Has your carpeting seen better days? If your carpet is bulging, has ripples, waves, holes, tears, unsightly seams, or heavy soiling from pet damage, you may be in need of carpet repairs.

Although you may think that if your carpet has one damaged area that it needs a complete replacement, but the right professional carpet repair company can seamlessly fix it with no one being the wiser.

Kiwi Services has been repairing carpets for over 38 years and has all of the equipment needed to give your carpet the patching that it will take to make it beautiful once again.

Kiwi’s Carpet Patch Repair Process

When you have a piece of carpet that’s been damaged from pet stains, burns, or spills, your Kiwi Services professional will begin the carpet patch repair process, which will consist of the following steps:

Step 1: Cut Out the Damaged Carpet

Your Kiwi technician will measure the piece of carpet that’s damaged to determine exactly how big the patch will need to be. Using a utility knife or a carpet knife, they will carefully remove the piece, careful not to damage any surrounding carpet.

Step 2: Size the Replacement Piece

After removing the damage piece of carpet, your technician will then measure the piece of replacement carpet and place it over the bare piece of flooring to make sure everything matches up perfectly.

Step 3: Insert the Replacement Piece

Now your Kiwi Services technician will insert the replacement piece of carpet. Before they pop the replacement piece in, they will lay down carpet tape, which is a double sided tape that adheres to both the flooring and the new piece of carpeting.

Step 4: Smooth and Trim

After the replacement carpet has been secured, your Kiwi tech will smooth it out and trim any longer fibers so that the repair looks seamless and natural with the rest of the carpet.

Need to hire a professional carpet repair company to fix seams, replace your carpet pad, or repair stains? Give Kiwi Services a call today to ask for a free quote and inquire about our services!

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