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Wool Carpet Repair and Stretching

wool carpet repair and stretching

When you enter into a room with carpeting, it’s likely that it’s made of a synthetic fiber. But wool has been used in rugs and carpeting for centuries—and it’s the most commonly used natural fiber in carpeting on the market. Wool is extra fluffy, an incredibly resilient material, and when properly cared for, including regular cleaning, wool carpeting has been known to last for decades inside a home.

However, constant use can break down wool carpeting and accidents can occur, which can lead to rips, tears, bulges, waves, or unsightly seams. Before you try to look into new flooring options, you should consider hiring a professional to perform wool carpet repair and stretching to bring new life into your floors.

KIWI Services offers carpet snag, ripple, bulge, melted carpet, and carpet stretching for wool carpets—all provided with a one-year guarantee on all repairs.

Our Carpet Repair Services

At KIWI Services, we offer a variety of wool carpet repair services, including the following:

Pet stain repairs and odor
• Pet bites, holes, and tears
• Burn holes
• Rust and permanent stains
• Loose carpet seams
• Flood damage
• Carpet snag
• Carpet matching
• Melted carpet
• Carpets detached from tack strips
• Missing tack strips and rotted tack strips
• Exposed seams

Wool Carpet Stretching

Because wool carpet is a natural fiber, it can be a bit higher maintenance than a synthetic fiber carpet. If your wool carpet has ripples, waves or just is no longer seeming to fit right on your floors, you may need professional carpet stretching services.

KIWI Services offers wool carpet stretching services using power stretching tools, fail-safe trimming methods and precise knee kickers to smooth over any imperfections and make your floors look gorgeous again–and not to mention safer for everyday use.

Are you interested in repairing your wool carpets? Call KIWI Services today for a free quote!

All Our Carpet Repairs Are Guaranteed For One Year

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