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One-Year Unmatched Clean Carpet Warranty. A KIWI Exclusive Plan Included.

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96% On-Time Track Record.

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I have used Kiwi services for many years. I have found them to be professional, courteous, and to always complete the job in a timely fashion. I recommend them for any carpet cleaning, rug cleaning need. In addition, their warranty is very good.

Welcome to Kiwi Services – The Colony’s First Choice for Exceptional Carpet Cleaning

At Kiwi Services, we are proud to offer our renowned carpet cleaning expertise to the vibrant community of The Colony. As a trusted name in professional carpet care for over 39 years, we bring a wealth of experience and a commitment to unmatched excellence in the industry. Understanding the unique environmental influences of The Colony, from its dynamic weather to its bustling lifestyle, we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your carpets, ensuring they always look their best and last longer.

Kiwi Services is dedicated to eco-friendly cleaning solutions, innovative and effective cleaning methodologies, and an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. We’re not just about cleaning carpets but about providing a healthier, cleaner living space for you and your family. Our team of expert cleaners, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, is skilled in handling all types of carpets and stains, ensuring a thorough clean beyond surface-level appearance. By choosing Kiwi Services, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to preserving the beauty and longevity of your carpets, ensuring they remain a cherished part of your home in The Colony.

Kiwi Services in The Colony: Tradition and Innovation in Carpet Care with a One-Year Warranty

Welcome to Kiwi Services, where our exceptional carpet cleaning is coupled with the assurance of a One-Year Carpet Cleaning Warranty. This unique offer is designed to provide you with peace of mind and sustained carpet care for a full year after your initial service. Our one-year warranty embodies our commitment to long-term customer satisfaction and top-quality service in every aspect of our carpet cleaning process. With this warranty, we ensure that your carpets remain clean, fresh, and beautiful all year round, reflecting our dedication to excellence in every fiber.

Key Aspects of Our Carpet Cleaning Services with One-Year Warranty:

  • Advanced Technology: Leveraging the latest in carpet cleaning innovations, we provide a deep clean that not only enhances the appearance of your carpets but also prolongs their lifespan. Our state-of-the-art equipment effectively removes stubborn stains and deep-seated dirt, rejuvenating your carpets to their original freshness.
  • Eco-Friendly Solutions: In line with The Colony’s environmental ethos, we utilize eco-friendly cleaning products that safeguard your family, pets, and the environment. These solutions deliver powerful cleaning results without leaving harmful residues or contributing to ecological harm.
  • Expert Team: Our team of professionals is not only highly skilled but also regularly trained in advanced carpet care techniques. Their expertise ensures that every type of carpet, from luxurious plush to durable Berber, is treated with the utmost care and professionalism.
  • Customizable Services: Recognizing the uniqueness of each carpet and client in The Colony, we offer personalized cleaning plans. From tackling high-traffic areas and pet stains to managing general wear and tear, our services are specifically designed to meet your individual needs.
  • 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Alongside our one-year warranty, we also offer a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with our work within 30 days of service, we will re-clean your carpets at no extra cost. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and maintain our high standards of excellence with every cleaning service we provide in The Colony.
  • One-Year Carpet Cleaning Warranty: Our services come with a unique one-year warranty, emphasizing our dedication to long-term care for your carpets. This warranty allows you to receive additional cleaning services for a nominal fee, ensuring your carpets stay in top condition all year round.

Choose Kiwi Services in The Colony for a carpet cleaning experience that comes with the assurance of a one-year warranty. We’re dedicated to maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of your carpets, providing a service that values your home as much as you do.

Comprehensive and Customized Carpet Cleaning Services by Kiwi in The Colony

At Kiwi Services in The Colony, we provide a meticulous and tailored carpet cleaning process, recognizing that every carpet has its own unique needs. Our approach is designed to address the specific challenges of each carpet effectively.

Our Detailed Carpet Cleaning Process:

  1. Walkthrough Inspection: Our process begins with a detailed walkthrough by our carpet cleaning professionals. We examine the areas needing cleaning, identifying problems like heavy soiling, pet odors, stains, or areas requiring repair. This initial assessment allows us to tailor our approach to your carpet’s condition.
  2. Furniture Moving: For a thorough clean, we move light, moveable furniture before starting the cleaning process, adhering to industry safety standards. We avoid moving heavy or breakable items such as China cabinets, pianos, and electronic equipment.
  3. Professional Vacuuming: Using a professional-grade vacuum, we meticulously clean open areas not covered by furniture to remove as much loose soil as possible.
  4. Pre-spot Treatment: Our KIWI Super Spotter is applied to treat surface stains before the main cleaning, enhancing the removal of stains and high-traffic soiling. For more complex stains, we will discuss the appropriate method with you.
  5. Advanced Carpet Cleaning: We employ our green carpet cleaning method, which involves applying a light mist and using 100% cotton bonnets and a rotary carpet cleaner for gentle soil extraction. This method, known as emulsification, is effective for all carpet types, including Berber and wool.
  6. Carpet Grooming: Post-cleaning, we use a professional carpet rake to groom the fibers, restoring the carpet’s fluffy and fresh appearance.
  7. Carpet Protector Application: For customers opting for this service, we apply the Green Guard Carpet and Fabric Protector by TriPlex. This eco-friendly protectant forms a barrier to help prevent re-soiling and ensures your carpets maintain their cleanliness for longer.

Choose Kiwi Services in The Colony for a carpet cleaning experience that’s both thorough and tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your carpets remain clean, fresh, and vibrant.

Comprehensive Carpet Care: Cleaning and Repair Solutions for Every Scenario

At Kiwi Services in The Colony, our expertise extends beyond carpet cleaning to include professional carpet repair services. We recognize that maintaining the beauty and functionality of your carpets often involves more than just cleaning. Our comprehensive range of services ensures that whether your carpets need a thorough wash or a meticulous repair, we have the skills and tools to rejuvenate them.

Our Extensive Carpet Services Include:

  • Residential Carpet Cleaning: Tailored for The Colony’s homes, focusing on revitalizing living spaces with safe and effective cleaning methods.
  • Area Rug Cleaning: Expert cleaning techniques specifically designed for area rugs, preserving their quality and appearance while ensuring they remain a focal point in any room.
  • Floor Cleaning Services: Comprehensive care for both wood and tile flooring, using specialized techniques to protect and enhance their natural beauty and durability.
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning: Specialized cleaning solutions for businesses, ensuring a clean and professional environment in office spaces and commercial venues.
  • Steam Carpet Cleaning: A deep cleaning method ideal for removing ingrained dirt and bacteria, perfect for thorough sanitation and rejuvenation.
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning: Quick and effective cleaning for moisture-sensitive carpets or when fast drying is a priority.
  • Carpet Stain Removal: Expert removal of tough stains, from food spills to pet accidents, using targeted treatments.
  • High-Traffic Area Cleaning: Special attention to areas with heavy footfall to restore and protect the carpet’s appearance and integrity.
  • Pet Odor and Stain Treatment: Combating pet-related stains and odors to maintain a fresh and hygienic carpet.
  • Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning: Environmentally responsible cleaning options that align with The Colony’s green initiatives.

Adding to these cleaning services, our Carpet Repair Solutions include:

  • Carpet Patching: Repairing damaged or worn-out sections of your carpet with matching pieces to restore its appearance.
  • Carpet Re-Stretching: Eliminating wrinkles and loose areas for a smoother, safer carpet surface.
  • Seam and Edge Repairs: Mending frayed seams and edges to prevent further unraveling and maintain the carpet’s structural integrity.
  • Burn and Water Damage Repair: Addressing specific damages like burns or water-related issues, ensuring your carpet returns to its pre-damaged state.

At Kiwi Services in The Colony, our goal is to provide a one-stop solution for all your carpet care needs, be it cleaning, stain removal, or repair. We bring the same level of dedication and attention to detail to every service, ensuring your carpets not only look clean but are also well-maintained and long-lasting. Trust us to keep your carpets in their best condition, reflecting the pride you take in your home or business.

Effortless Booking for Your Convenience

Scheduling your carpet cleaning or repair in The Colony with Kiwi Services is straightforward and convenient. You can easily set up an appointment with a quick phone call to 972-354-0033 , or get a free quote online, offering a personalized and direct approach to arranging our services. We provide flexible scheduling to fit your busy lifestyle, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience. Whether for immediate assistance or regular maintenance under our One-Year Carpet Cleaning Warranty, Kiwi Services is dedicated to making the process of managing your carpet care simple and efficient. Contact us today at 972-354-0033 or get a free quote online, and experience exceptional service tailored specifically to your needs.

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