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Wood Floor Cleaning Melissa, TX

Wood Floor Cleaning & Waxing Services
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Melissa wood floor cleaning has never been faster and more effective than with KIWI Services Melissa wood floor cleaning team. Our Melissa hardwood floor cleaning experts have been cleaning wood floors since 1987, making them experienced at cleaning all types of wood floors. Homeowners that have wood floors in their homes know that maintaining those floors can take care, time and resources. On a regular basis, they need to ensure that dust, dirt, moisture and stains stay off of the floors so that they do not get ground into the fibers of the wood. Wood floors must also be professionally cleaned on top of the regular maintenance at least once every 1-6 years.

Excellent Wood Floor Cleaning Services in Melissa

Plus, if you have wood floors in an area of your home that receives a lot of traffic, such as by the front door, then you will want to be sure to protect the floors with a carpet or rug so that foot traffic does not wear down the wood.

KIWI Services Melissa wood floor cleaning team will not only clean your wood floors, but we can also wax your hardwood floors so that they stay brilliant and clean for years. Waxed wood floors provide a seal that water and other stains cannot penetrate, as long as the wax is kept up to date often. KIWI provides professional wood floor cleaning services in Melissa, Texas. Call KIWI Services today to have one of our Melissa hardwood floor cleaning experts clean your wood floors, wax and polish your floors to perfection!


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