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Air Duct Cleaning Melissa, TX | KIWI

Air Duct Cleaning Melissa, TX

Air Duct Cleaning in Melissa
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Freshen up your home with an air duct cleaning by KIWI Services! Melissa air duct cleaning experts are pleased to provide the best services to refresh and purify your indoor air. KIWI offers both full-system air duct cleaning and vent-only air duct cleaning services. We back all of our full-system air duct cleaning services with a 3-Year

A Six-Step Air Duct Cleaning

Our professional system consists of six stages:

Cleaning: Our KIWI air duct cleaning technicians will clean out the air duct unit, fan, squirrel cage, and all furnace components

Treatment: We will remove vent covers, wash them by hand, and apply our antimicrobial solution to remove and prevent the spread of germs.

Vacuuming: We will vacuum out each air duct and remove debris and dust.

Disinfecting: Our KIWI air duct cleaning technicians carefully apply antimicrobial solution all over the air duct system in order to thoroughly disinfect and sanitize.

Cleaning Vents: We follow the disinfecting with a thorough cleaning of all the vents.

Replacing Filter: After the air duct system has been thoroughly cleaned, we clean and replace the existing filter or install a new one, depending on whichever is appropriate for your home.

Air Duct Cleaning in Melissa

KIWI has been cleaning air ducts since 1987, and in that time, we have come to recognize the difference between a mediocre cleaning job and a comprehensive and effective air duct cleaning job. We know that in order to clean your air ducts to perfection, the air ducts have to be cleaned in addition to the air duct filters, which can quickly become clogged by dirt, dust and other buildup. Our promise is to always provide excellent, professional services in your Melissa home.

Call KIWI Services today to schedule an air duct cleaning in Melissa with one of our friendly home care consultants!

Two Year Air Duct Cleaning Guarantee
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