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Our family has used Kiwi for the last three years and will continue for years to come. They offer outstanding customer service from the time they answer the phone to schedule service, the work completed, and follow after your appointment. Outstanding, knowledgeable, and miracle workers with carpet repairs.

Welcome to Kiwi Services – Irving’s Finest Carpet Repair Specialists.

With an unmatched commitment to quality, we have earned the trust of homeowners and businesses. For 39 years, our skilled technicians have delivered expert carpet repair services, tackling everything from minor damage to extensive stretching repairs. We understand that each carpet is unique, which is why we take a personalized approach to every project. With our unmatched 3-Year repairs guarantee and dedication to superior craftsmanship, you can trust us to restore your carpets to their former glory. Contact Kiwi Services today for a free estimate and experience the difference of working with Irving’s finest carpet repair specialists.

Expert Carpet Repair Services in Irving, TX

Is your carpet showing signs of wear and tear, holes, fraying, or even flood damage? Look no further than KIWI’s expert carpet repair technicians in Irving. We specialize in comprehensive carpet patching services and utilize advanced power stretchers for precise carpet stretching. With our fast, affordable service, we take care of all your carpet repair needs. Rest assured that our skilled technicians will deliver exceptional results, bringing new life to your damaged carpet. Trust KIWI for reliable carpet repair and stretching solutions. In addition, we also offer carpet cleaning and water damage services to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Special Carpet Repair Service in Irving, TX

When it comes to carpet repairs, Irving residents trust KIWI to meet even the toughest repair challenges. Our carpet repair technicians are trained to perform all kinds of repairs, including replacing tack strips and padding, smoothing and tightening loose carpet, and matching carpet for a seamless look. We can even work on complex carpet types, including Berber carpet. Plus, we do it all for affordable prices.

Professional Carpet Stretching Services by KIWI

Ready to bid farewell to carpet wrinkles, bulges, buckling, waves, loose edges, and unevenness? Experience the transformation of your carpets with KIWI Services’ professional carpet stretching service in Irving, TX. Our experienced team is well-versed in addressing a range of carpet issues that can compromise the beauty and functionality of your floors.

Our Carpet Stretching Service can address:

  • Wrinkles: Over time, carpets can develop wrinkles or loose areas, causing an uneven and unattractive appearance.
  • Bulges: Carpets may develop bulges or ripples due to improper installation, heavy furniture, or changes in humidity.
  • Buckling: Excessive moisture or poor installation can cause the carpet to buckle or lift away from the subfloor, creating tripping hazards and an uneven surface.
  • Waves: Improper stretching during installation or the natural aging process can result in wavy or uneven sections in the carpet.
  • Loose Edges: The edges of the carpet may start to come loose or detach from the baseboards, leading to fraying and a messy appearance.
  • Unevenness: If you notice areas where the carpet feels uneven or lumpy underfoot, it may be a sign that the carpet needs stretching to create a smooth and level surface.

At KIWI Services, our skilled technicians have the expertise to tackle these common carpet issues. We will carefully assess your specific needs and provide a free estimate for the necessary stretching and repairs. By utilizing advanced techniques and tools, we will eliminate the imperfections, leaving you with smooth, flawless, and safe carpets that enhance the overall appeal of your home.

Listen to what our customers are saying about us:

Rod Symons
5 star rating
They came out and repaired and cleaned the carpet in our master bedroom. The service technician was very professional and did an outstanding job!

Call KIWI for Expert Carpet Repair and Stretching in Irving

Transform your carpets with confidence – Schedule your professional carpet repair or stretching service today! Contact KIWI Services, a trusted name in carpet care In Irving . Our skilled technicians will assess your specific needs, provide a free estimate, and deliver reliable solutions backed by our years of expertise.

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