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Carpet Repair Austell, GA

KIWI’s Carpet Repair Teams Handles Complex, Simple Stretching and Patching

Expert Carpet Repair in Austell by Kiwi
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In Austell carpet repair can be a sore sight for your eyes but not anymore, KIWI is here to help!

KIWI is not new to Austell carpet repair, we have been doing it throughout the United States for 30 years. We just decided to expand to Austell. Your cat decided that the edge of the carpet was a good place to play. Now there are all these threads all around your floorboards. What a problem to have! You are at a loss. Then someone tells you about KIWI and you give KIWI’s carpet repair services in Austell, Georgia a call. They come to your home, review the situation, give you an estimate and you say, “Go for it”!

Wow, isn’t that easy. A KIWI Austell Berber carpet repair service professional then goes to work. The plan of attack for this carpet repair, carpet stretching. Lucky for you there is enough carpet to be stretched to get rid of all those silly strings. Now all you have left to do is find a new play toy for the cat.

KIWI’s austell carpet repair reviews

Julia S. (Austell, GA, 30106)
5 star rating
“Great service and technicians!!”

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