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Little Rock Upholstery Cleaning

Little Rock upholstery cleaning by Kiwi Services is your solution for a completely clean home! With just one call to 501-225-5494 and you can now have your carpets, upholstered furniture, tile floors and even air vents cleaned by Kiwi Services!

Embarrassed by your furniture?
Stop hiding it and get back to entertaining friends and family with a quick call to Kiwi. Find out how easy it is to transform that old sofa from an eye-sore into an entertainers delight in just a few hours with Kiwi Services upholstery cleaning solutions. One call to Kiwi of Little Rock can handle all of your upholstery needs including leather upholstery cleaning!

Not sure you need Kiwi’s Upholstery Cleaning Services?
Every surface of your home accumulates dust and debris. You wouldn’t think of not dusting or vacuuming your home for months or years at a time – so why avoid the most noticeable surfaces of your home like the family sofa or your favorite chair? Just look at what is hiding in your furniture,

drapes and other upholstered surfaces causing unsightly stains, smells and even health problems:

  • Dust
  • Debris
  • Mites
  • Dander
  • Dog / Pet Hair
  • Mold & Mildew Spores
  • Bacteria
  • Stains, Spills

Unsanitary & Unsightly
Does your furniture pass the “sniff test”? Furniture should smell clean, fresh and new…unpleasant odors are caused by an accumulation of bacteria or spores resulting from spills, debris and humidity. As bacteria multiple they seep further into the foundation of your furniture creating a breeding ground for micro-organisms. Stains can also penetrate deeply into the fibers and underlying materials of the furniture resulting in discoloration and a dull lifeless look that makes furniture appear old and tired.

Kiwi is Green!
Avoid the embarrassment of unsightly stains and odors by having your furniture, drapes and other leather or upholstered items professionally cleaned and sanitized with our green cleaning solution. Safe for pets and children, Kiwi uses only environmentally friendly products to assure your furniture will smell as good as it looks.

We Clean it All
Kiwi upholstery cleaning of Little Rock is able to handle many types of material or fiber including:

  • Cotton or Cotton Blends
  • Synthetic Fibers
  • Natural or Synthetic Colors and Dyes
  • Velvet & Velour
  • Leather

In addition to our full service upholstery cleaning, Kiwi provides protection and sealants to help reduce the risk of future stains and keep your furniture looking fresh in between cleaning. Give Kiwi upholstery services in Little Rock a call today to find out how your home can be as clean, green and fresh.

Kiwi Little Rock Professional Upholstery Cleaning


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