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Carpet Cleaning Seattle, WA

Seattle Carpet Cleaning - Get 40% off with Kiwi
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Seattle carpet cleaning is easy and professional when you hire a company like Kiwi Services. We offer a professional service for removing even the toughest pet stains. Whether your pet has tracked in mud or urinated in the house, we have carpet cleaning solutions.

Our environmentally friendly green carpet cleaner removes stains, and leaves carpet smelling citrus fresh. If a pet has urinated on the carpet it’s extremely difficult to remove the pet stains and odors by using bottled cleaners from the store. At best, they mask the odors that soon return, because there was no actual carpet cleaning involved. A professional carpet cleaning is needed to remove pet stains and odors.

Kiwi Services offers a carpet cleaning service that is top-notch, thorough, and professional. When you hire our company, we make it our mission to get to the root of the problem. Our carpet cleaner works hard to remove stains and get your carpet looking as good as new. Our company then tackles the odors head-on.

Our professional Seattle carpet cleaning service technicians have advanced techniques to penetrate each layer of carpet and reach the base of the offensive odor and bacteria harboring problem. Many times you can’t see just how large of an area pet urine may reach. Our company has a special black lights that can be used to see just how big of an area has been effected.

Our carpet cleaning services starts at the surface, goes down to the padding, and leaves your home stain-free and smelling great.

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