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Tile & Grout Cleaning Richmond, TX

Tile And Grout Cleaning
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I have used Kiwi for 10+ years and I keep coming back! I can get a cleaning in a reasonable amount of time, I know the cost in advance, professional teammembers do great work on the phone and in my home and always a great outcome. I have used them for carpet mostly, but I did use their tile cleaning service 2 years ago and the tile/grout cleanup came out like new. Highly recommend their services!

Shine Bright with KIWI: Tile and Grout Cleaning in Richmond

Your home is a special place, and the floors should reflect that. Over the years, KIWI has made homes in Richmond glow with clean tiles and grout. With 38 years of experience, we know a thing or two about making floors look their best.

We’re more than just a service; we’re a promise of quality. And if you’re not happy, our 30-day guarantee has you covered. It’s simple: we want you to love your floors!

What Makes Richmond Homeowners Prefer KIWI?

Time-tested and trusted, KIWI has been the heart of floor care in Richmond, turning first-time clients into lifelong customers for over 38 years:

  • Experience Counts: 38 years in the industry has taught us the ins and outs of floor care.
  • Eco-friendly Approach: We’re dedicated to using green solutions that are safe for your home and the environment.
  • Trusted by Many: Over the years, thousands have trusted KIWI with their homes, and we’ve delivered every time.

Grout Got You Down? We Can Help!

Grout can be tricky. Over time, it gets dirty and loses its fresh look. But don’t worry, KIWI is here to help! We can bring the color back to your grout, making it look brand new. With our special sealing and restoration, your grout will look great and match your beautiful tiles.

Natural Stone Needs Love Too

Stone tiles are naturally beautiful. But, like anything, they need care to stay that way. That’s where we come in. We know how to treat natural stone so it keeps its shine. Whether it’s marble, granite, or another type of stone, we’ve got the tools and know-how to make it look fantastic.

KIWI’s Promise for Natural Stone

  • Special Care: Every stone is unique. We treat each one with the special care it needs.
  • Gentle Cleaning: We clean carefully to make sure your stone stays in top shape.
  • Shine On: Our goal is to make your stone tiles shine like new.
  • Stay Beautiful: We don’t just clean; we help protect your stone for the future.

Tips for Maintaining Your Floor’s Beauty

Keeping your floors looking their best isn’t just about professional cleaning; it’s also about regular maintenance. Here are some quick tips from our experts:

  • Regular Sweeping: Dust and dirt can dull the shine. A quick sweep every day can make a difference.
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: When doing your cleaning, avoid products that can harm your tiles or grout. Opt for natural, gentle cleaners.
  • Wipe Spills Immediately: Don’t let spills sit for too long. Wiping them immediately can prevent stains.
  • Use Protective Pads: Furniture can scratch your tiles. Use protective pads under legs to avoid this.

Want Shiny Floors? Let’s Talk

It’s easy to forget how good clean floors can look. If you’re ready for a fresh start, let KIWI help. Our Richmond team is ready to work their magic on your tiles and grout. And the best part? You can find out how much it’ll cost for free. Just reach out for a quote. Let KIWI make your floors the star of your home!

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