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Wood Floor Cleaning Richardson, TX

Keep Your Home Beautiful With KIWI’s Wood Floor Cleaning Home Care System

Richardson wood floor cleaning is another home care service by KIWI Services. We’re your professional home care company.

Wood Floor Cleaning & Waxing Services

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Wood Floor Cleaning Services Special 33%

Hardwood floors are beautiful. They make a home look warm and inviting.

Daily care is pretty simple, too. Sweeping or vacuuming will handle most spills. An occasional damp mop helps too. Plus hardwood floors are good for people with allergies and respiratory problems, like asthma, because they’re so easy to clean and care for. Hardwood floors don’t trap dust and pet hair and pet dander. But wear and tear can take off the shine. That’s why KIWI offers Richardson hardwood floor cleaning.

Richardson’s Excellent Wood Floor Cleaning Services

We’ll come and buff your hardwood floor to bring back the rich patina of the wood. And if appropriate, we also offer wood floor waxing (which isn’t for all finishes – ask your KIWI technician). Here are some tips for Richardson hardwood floor cleaning: Make sure you clean up all spills quickly – especially wet spills, which can warp your floor. Sweep frequently – dirt is abrasive and will wear your floors like sandpaper. If you vacuum your floors, never use a beater bar attachment. Use area rugs or throw rugs for decorative accents and for high traffic areas.

Call us now at 972-354-0166 to learn more about our wood floor cleaning services of Richardson, Texas.

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