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Carpet Cleaning Pattison, TX

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If you are tired of your carpet looking like it came from an archeological excavation, Pattison carpet cleaning from KIWI is the place to call. As a Pattison Carpet Cleaning.

Pattison Carpet Cleaning with 100% Guarantee!

Our 6-step Cleaning Process Involves:

1. Moving your furniture
2. Vacuuming your carpet
3. Applying our Pattison carpet cleaner Pre-Spot treatment
4. Cleaning your carpet with our special process.
5. Raking your carpet to promote drying.
6. Return and re-clean your carpet for one full year with Kiwis One-Year Clean Carpet Guarantee.

With our Pattison carpet cleaner system, you won’t have wet carpets for hours. Your carpets should be dry in under an hour, with no danger of shrinkage, brownouts or wrinkling. We provide carpet cleaning in Pattison, Texas treat that includes treating your carpet with Teflon carpet sealant to keep future dirt and stains from bonding with the fibers in your carpet, giving you time to clean up messes before they soak in. Sealant allows liquids to pool up on the top of your carpet instead of being absorbed.

Guaranteed results for our Pattison carpet cleaning clients

KIWI’s teams have the equipment and know-how to handle all of you carpet-cleaning needs. Clean carpets are our business. Call today and ask about our carpet cleaner in Pattison, TX weekly specials.

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