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Rug Repair Murphy, TX

Have Beautiful Rugs With Murphy’s Rug Weaving Company

Just in case your pet attacked the rug and left a giant hole, there’s KIWI. Our rug repair services in Murphy will take care of holes, tears and fringes. Our Master Weaver knows over 64,000 weaving patterns so we’ve got you covered. The pet attack will look like it never happened, ever. For your rug repair needs, call KIWI Services in Murphy, we make rugs beautiful again.

Murphy Rug Repairing Services
5 Reasons To Choose KIWI

30-Day clean satisfaction guarantee

35 years of rug cleaning and repairs experience

Over half a million happy customers

Green rug cleaning Solution

Free pickup and delivery

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Murphy’s Professional Rug Repair Services

The Senior Rug Expert, Master Weaver and Fringe Surging/Binding Specialist provide:

  • Reweaving
  • Rebinding
  • Re-fringing

Every part of your rug gets pampered with its own specialist because after the abuse of life, your rug deserves it. KIWI’s expert team has the knowledge and experience your rug needs for full recovery. To get your rug beautiful, trust KIWI for all of your rug repair needs.

Expert Oriental Rug Weavers in Murphy

Just in case you were wondering what types of rugs we can repair, we repair:

  • Chinese Rugs
  • Pakistani Rugs
  • Indian Rugs
  • Egyptian Rugs

Plus, rug repair and rug reweaving for all types of rugs including:

  • Dhurry Rugs
  • Area Rugs
  • Berber Rugs
  • Olefin Rugs

Oriental rugs have complex needs and we have to experts to mend them. With over 64,000 types of weaves, KIWI has the knowledge and experience that you need for your Oriental rug weaving. Let our team handle your rug weaving needs from simple to complex.
*We do not clean or repair rugs made of Sisal or Jute. These rugs are made of natural plant materials that typically break down under professional cleaning processes.

Use KIWI’s Experienced Murphy Rug Repair Team

Our expert Oriental rug weavers and rug repair experts handle your rug from start to finish. With KIWI, you get a free inspection and quote for your rug repair. This also means that we’ll pick up your rug and drop it off when we’re done. Trust KIWI’s Oriental Rug Weavers in Murphy with all of your rug repairs because we’ll get your rug back to beautiful.

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KIWI’s murphy rug repair reviews

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All Our Rug Repairs Are Guaranteed For One Year

Why Take A Chance Picking A Rug Cleaning Company That Doesn’t Hand Wash Your Rugs As KIWI Does? Make Sure The Beauty Of Your Rugs Stays Intact By Calling KIWI Today. Our Rug Cleaning Services Are Trusted By Over Half A Million Customers.

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