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Water Damage Restoration In Montgomery

Water Damage Restoration
7 Reasons To Choose KIWI®

Immediate Dispatch 24/7.

39 Years Of Water Damage Restoration Experience.

Pro Water Damage Certified Technicians.

96% On-Time Track Record.

Work Directly With Your Insurance Company.

3-Year Guarantee On Our Restoration Services.

Licensed, Bonded, And Insured.

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We called KIWI for an emergency water cleanup. They were amazing! They came right out as fast as possible and went right to work getting the water out and drying everything up. Rebecca was so efficient and kept us updated on every step. She also followed up on the phone, making sure I was satisfied and asking how I was doing. They were so caring, as I was in a state of panic. John came out and did a wonderful job. John and his helper even helped us carry out some of the furniture. From start to finish, they were terrific to work with, and I would recommend kiwi services to anyone.

24/7 Peace of Mind from KIWI’s Water Damage Repair Company in Montgomery, TX

24/7 Water Damage Hotline: 713-595-0431

Hand your underwater headache to KIWI Services. We’ll get you and your home back to life in no time with our water damage restoration services in Montgomery. We’re here for complete water damage repair with our personalize plans and fully licensed, bonded and insured technicians. Call us 24/7 because we know water damage can happen at any time.

Montgomery Water Extraction Services

When you’re up to your knees in water, call KIWI for our water extraction services. In addition, we provide:

Our recovery teams are dispatched within minutes when you call us. When we arrive, we’ll assess your situation and then begin our work in a way that meets your specific needs. To dry out your home fast, we have industrial grade, heavy-duty equipment. We use powerful pumps to extract the water from you home then use high-speed air blowers and dehumidifiers to dry out the affected area. Don’t worry about mold and mildew because we’ll kill it with our commercial grade disinfectant. KIWI is here for your complete recovery, so trust our Montgomery water damage repair services.

Guaranteed Water Damage Repair for Montgomery

We want you to be completely satisfied with our services, so we provide a one-year guarantee on all of our water damage repair work. We want you to have peace of mind that we did our job right. If you have any problems within the year, call us, we’ll come back and fix it. Plus, when we clean your water damaged carpet, you’ll receive our famous One-Year Carpet Cleaning Warranty. Unlimited $6 per room carpet cleanings will be at your fingertips. KIWI’s Montgomery water damage restorations services will take care of you even after your flood.

Experience Flood Damage Repair in Montgomery

With 30 years of experience in water damage repair, KIWI’s Montgomery team is always ready to help you in your time of need. We’ll do our best to help you in every way. This means:

  • We’ll work with your insurance company for the billing of our services.
  • All of our water damage work comes with a One-Year Guarantee.
  • You’ll receive our famous One-Year Warranty on the carpet we clean.

KIWI makes your recovery process easy. Trust our knowledgeable and experienced water restoration crew in Montgomery for your emergency needs. We’ll help get your home beautiful again.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What are Kiwi’s main steps in the water damage restoration process, and what does each involve?

At Kiwi Services, the water damage restoration process is a comprehensive approach involving several crucial steps:

Inspection: During this initial phase, our trained experts assess the extent of the water damage, identify the type of water involved, and strategize the most effective restoration plan. This step is vital for the successful recovery of your property.

Extraction and Drying: This involves the removal of standing water and drying out the affected area using professional-grade equipment. We ensure all moisture is adequately dealt with to prevent further damage and potential mold growth.

Cleaning: After the area is dried, we clean and sanitize it to eliminate any potential health hazards, focusing on preventing mold and mildew growth.

Restoration: The final phase focuses on repairing and restoring your property to its pre-damage condition. This could involve minor repairs, such as replacing drywall and installing new carpet, or major repairs, such as reconstructing various areas or rooms in your home. We aim to exceed your expectations and restore your home or business.

Why should Montgomery residents choose Kiwi Services for water damage restoration?

Montgomery residents can trust Kiwi Services’ 39 years of experience in the water damage restoration industry. Our team of certified professionals, 24/7 emergency service, and commitment to eco-friendly methods make them a reliable and effective choice for water damage restoration in Montgomery.

How does Kiwi Services help Montgomery residents with our insurance claims?

Kiwi Services simplifies the insurance claims process for Montgomery residents by coordinating directly with insurance companies. This assistance removes the stress of managing the claim process and allows residents to focus on restoring our homes and lives.

What is involved in the Water Damage restoration process?

The water damage restoration process typically involves several steps: emergency contact, inspection and damage assessment, water removal/water extraction, drying and dehumidification, cleaning and sanitizing, and finally, restoration. The exact process may vary depending on the extent of the water damage and the company performing the restoration.

  • Restoration involves steps like emergency contact, inspection, water removal, drying, cleaning, sanitizing, and restoration.
  • The exact process may vary depending on the extent of the water damage and the restoration company.
What kind of equipment is used in Water Damage Restoration?

Professional water damage restoration services utilize a range of specialized equipment, including industrial-grade dehumidifiers, air movers, moisture meters, infrared cameras to detect hidden water, and air scrubbers for improving air quality.

  • Industrial-grade dehumidifiers, air movers, and moisture meters are used in the process.
  • Infrared cameras can detect hidden water.
  • Air scrubbers are used for improving air quality after a water damage incident.
Can belongings damaged by water in a hurricane be restored?

Many water-damaged items can be restored by professionals, including furniture, clothing, and some electronics. However, the success rate depends on the severity of the damage and how quickly restoration begins.

  • Many water-damaged items can be restored, including furniture, clothing, and some electronics.

The success rate depends on the severity of the damage and how quickly restoration begins.

What steps can I take to prevent Water Damage in the future?

To prevent water damage, regularly inspect your property for leaks and repair them promptly. Keep your gutters clean and ensure your property has proper drainage. Install water leak detectors in high-risk areas, and consider a yearly inspection from a professional water damage restoration company.

  • Regularly inspect your property for leaks and repair them promptly.
  • Keep gutters clean and ensure your property has proper drainage.
  • Install water leak detectors in high-risk areas and consider a yearly inspection from a professional.
Will Kiwi Services help me with my insurance claim?

Yes, Kiwi Services is not only a leader in water damage restoration, but they also excel in customer service. As part of our comprehensive service, Kiwi Services works directly with your insurance company to simplify the claims process. This coordination relieves you of the stress associated with insurance claims and allows you to focus on getting back to normal.

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Every water damage restoration job we do is backed by a 3-year guarantee.

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