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Wood Floor Cleaning Galveston, TX

Wood floors are attractive when they are first installed but rapidly get dirty from daily food spills, dirt, and other stains. Particles of dirt, dust, and food matter get stuck in between floorboards and furniture can leave unsightly marks and stains on surfaces. Cleaning wood floors by sweeping and vacuuming is often not enough to restore the luster to surfaces, which become dull and faded over time. Hence, a professional hardwood floor cleaning is necessary to remove stains and restore shine to floors.

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In Galveston, wood floor cleaning company KIWI Services provides custom hardwood floor cleaning and waxing. As a home service company for 38 years, KIWI’s team of skilled technicians will carefully buff and wax your wood floors throughout your home, especially in high-traffic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways. We recognize the value of clean wood floors for both their aesthetic appeal as well as improving air quality in the home. Unlike carpeting that becomes homes to dust mites and debris, wood floors that are well-maintained, actually increase air flow and are preferable in homes with children, elderly, and those susceptible to dust allergies. After a professional hardwood floor cleaning with KIWI, most wood floors require simple sweeping and light vacuuming for maintenance.

Wood Floor Waxing Specialists

KIWI’s wood floor waxing specialists will also provide you with tips on how to maintain your wood floors and to minimize spills and stains. Some wood floors that lack polyurethane coatings may require periodic professional cleanings every six years. In Galveston, wood floor cleaning company KIWI Services also offers special discounts from time to time. Call us now to learn more about our wood floor cleaning services or to set up your appointment!

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