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Frisco Water Damage Restoration & Repair

Water Damage Restoration
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3-Year Guarantee On Our Restoration Services.

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5 star rating
We called KIWI for an emergency water cleanup. They were amazing! They came right out as fast as possible and went right to work getting the water out and drying everything up. Rebecca was so efficient and kept us updated on every step. She also followed up on the phone, making sure I was satisfied and asking how I was doing. They were so caring, as I was in a state of panic. John came out and did a wonderful job. John and his helper even helped us carry out some of the furniture. From start to finish, they were terrific to work with, and I would recommend kiwi services to anyone.

KIWI Services’ extensive Frisco, TX water repair services are available around the clock, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, to help ensure that your home or property sees no additional damage due to standing water. Our expert water damage technicians understand that water damage caused by floods, pipe malfunctions, rotting wood, or any other occurrence can strike at any time, which is why we’re always available to inspect and restore your property.

Immediate Dispatch for Frisco Water Damage Restoration Process

When we receive your call, we’ll immediately dispatch one of our water damage repair specialists to your home to survey the damage and start at work. Using a line of specialized equipment, our technicians will first remove all standing water. Then they’ll dry the floor, carpets, and all other wet surfaces in the vicinity. Finally, our trained water removal specialists disinfect your home to prevent the future growth of mold and mildew, making sure to deodorize and sanitize all surfaces.

Accredited by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration, KIWI Services provides premium water damage repair in Frisco, TX. You can call our toll-free number day or night to report a water incident and get immediate help. You’ll feel even more confident knowing that all of our water damage repairs are covered by a one-year guarantee.

Besides removing water and drying your floors, walls, and possessions, we also offer a free temporary storage service where you can keep your things safely until your home is clean and dry once again and you and your home are back on your feet. We know all about flood damage, and we welcome insurance claims.

Why Choose KIWI for Water Damage Repair in Frisco?

    Frisco water damage restoration services by KIWI can dry out a home quickly

  • We’re available 24/7
  • We’re accredited by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration
  • Our services are covered by a one-year guarantee
  • We offer temporary storage until your home is clean and dry
  • We welcome insurance claims and will work with your insurance

If you’ve experienced water damage, we can help. Call us at 972-354-0301 to discuss your options.

KIWI’s Frisco water damage repair reviews

Manfred M. from Frisco, TX

5 star rating

“I loved the KIWI cleaning experience. I will continue to use KIWI services. My technician was the best. I will always request him.”

Mark E. (Frisco, TX, 75035)
5 star rating
“I have used KIWI more than once, and they are very professional. Their services are very good. I very much appreciate their contracted arrangement that extends beyond just one service.”

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What are Kiwi’s main steps in the water damage restoration process, and what does each involve?

At Kiwi Services, the water damage restoration process is a comprehensive approach involving several crucial steps:

Inspection: During this initial phase, our trained experts assess the extent of the water damage, identify the type of water involved, and strategize the most effective restoration plan. This step is vital for the successful recovery of your property.

Extraction and Drying: This involves the removal of standing water and drying out the affected area using professional-grade equipment. We ensure all moisture is adequately dealt with to prevent further damage and potential mold growth.

Cleaning: After the area is dried, we clean and sanitize it to eliminate any potential health hazards, focusing on preventing mold and mildew growth.

Restoration: The final phase focuses on repairing and restoring your property to its pre-damage condition. This could involve minor repairs, such as replacing drywall and installing new carpet, or major repairs, such as reconstructing various areas or rooms in your home. We aim to exceed your expectations and restore your home or business.

Can Kiwi Services handle the water damage restoration in my Frisco business?

Yes, Kiwi Services is not just residential; they also offer water damage restoration services for businesses in Frisco. They understand the importance of minimizing downtime and will work diligently to get your business back to its normal operation.

How does Kiwi Services help Frisco residents with our insurance claims?

Kiwi Services simplifies the insurance claims process for Frisco residents by coordinating directly with insurance companies. This assistance removes the stress of managing the claim process and allows residents to focus on restoring our homes and lives.

How long does Water Damage restoration typically take?

The length of the water damage restoration process depends on several factors, including the extent and severity of the damage, the amount of water involved, and the affected areas of your property. However, typically, the drying process takes about 2-5 days. Overall, a complete restoration process can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

  • The restoration process’s length depends on factors like the extent of damage, amount of water, and areas affected.
  • The drying process usually takes 2-5 days.
  • The complete restoration process can take from a few days to several weeks.
What kind of equipment is used in Water Damage Restoration?

Professional water damage restoration services utilize a range of specialized equipment, including industrial-grade dehumidifiers, air movers, moisture meters, infrared cameras to detect hidden water, and air scrubbers for improving air quality.

  • Industrial-grade dehumidifiers, air movers, and moisture meters are used in the process.
  • Infrared cameras can detect hidden water.
  • Air scrubbers are used for improving air quality after a water damage incident.
What is Water Damage?

Water damage refers to a variety of potential losses caused by water intruding where it will enable attack of a material or system by destructive processes such as rotting of wood, mold growth, bacteria growth, rusting of steel, swelling of composite woods, de-laminating of materials such as plywood, etc. The damage may be undetectably slow and minor, like water spots that could eventually mar a surface, or instantaneous and catastrophic, like flooding.

  • Water damage refers to losses caused by water intrusion into a material or system.
  • It can cause destructive processes such as rotting of wood, mold growth, bacteria growth, rusting of steel, swelling of composite woods, and de-laminating of materials.
  • Damage may be slow and minor, like water spots, or instantaneous and catastrophic, like flooding.
How can I prevent Water Damage in my home or business?

Water damage can be prevented through regular maintenance and inspections of your property. This includes regularly checking and maintaining plumbing systems, keeping gutters clean, installing a sump pump if necessary, and ensuring your home or business is adequately sealed and insulated. Additionally, knowing the location of the main water shut-off can prevent extensive damage in the event of a leak or burst pipe.

  • Regular maintenance and inspections can help prevent water damage.
  • This includes checking plumbing systems, cleaning gutters, installing a sump pump, and ensuring proper sealing and insulation.

Knowing the location of the main water shut-off can prevent extensive damage in emergencies.

How much experience does Kiwi Services have in water damage restoration?

Kiwi Services brings a wealth of experience to the table, with over 38 years in the cleaning and restoration business. This extensive experience ensures that Kiwi Services can handle any water damage situation, providing high-quality services and implementing the most effective restoration methods.

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Every water damage restoration job we do is backed by a 3-year guarantee.

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