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Carpet Cleaning Dayton, TX

KIWI Carpet Cleaning Delivers Extraordinary Results to Homes

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Environmentally friendly

Quick-dry cleaning method

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The simplest way to brighten your home all over is to schedule a professional carpet cleaning. Clean carpets give a pure and fresh appearance to your whole home. Luckily with a KIWI Carpet Cleaning, Dayton residents can enjoy a home that’s fresh and clean all year round thanks to the famous KIWI Lover One-Year Carpet Cleaning Warranty.

A Carpet Cleaning Company that Cleans Before and After Each Event

Customers who have an initial carpet cleaning of $120 or more automatically qualify for the warranty, which gives one year of warranty carpet cleanings for just $4 per room, plus a $37 trip charge. Every time you have an event, a spill, or just miss the clean citrus smell, you can call us. Plus, we promise to always come back and re clean if you are ever unsatisfied with our services.

A Dayton Carpet Cleaner that Never Uses Harsh Chemicals

KIWI Services has been in the carpet cleaning industry since 1987, cleaning over 400,000 homes in three different states. KIWI makes a commitment to each and every home, promising to make and keep it beautiful. KIWI also has a promise to keep our carpet cleaning services as safe and environmentally friendly as possible. that’s why we never use harsh chemicals or unnatural products in our carpet cleaning solution. that’s also why we only use the dry carpet cleaning method, which produces no wastewater and dries in about 15–45 minutes.

Schedule a carpet cleaning in Dayton by calling the Houston area KIWI Services Center and speaking to one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives!

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