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Benbrook Wood Floor Cleaning Services

The KIWI Benbrook Wood Floor Cleaning team is here to help you with your fine wood floors.

Wood floors are gorgeous to look at when they are brand new. However, most wood floors lose their luster and become dull and worn out over time from daily food spills, stains, and dirt that gets lodged in between floorboards and in

Benbrook Wood Floor Cleaning - Enjoy The Shine of a Fresh Floor Cleaning
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crevices. Regular sweeping and mopping fail to restore the brightness in floors. Hence, a professional hardwood floor cleaning becomes necessary to buff and wax floors, removing stains and dirt, while leaving you with beautiful and gleaming wood floors.

KIWI has a long standing commitment to excellence

In Benbrook, wood floor cleaning company KIWI Services has 30 years of experience. Cleaning wood floors not only improves their appearance but also has significant health benefits. As dirt and debris are removed from cracks and the surface, the air quality of the home dramatically increases. One of the advantages of having wood floors over carpeting is that wood floors do not retain the dust mites that dwell inside carpet fibers. A professional wood floor cleaning will greatly enhance the quality of your home.

Knowing what needs to be done, we do it all!

KIWI Services sweeps, mops, buffs, and waxes your hardwood floors. In high-traffic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways, hardwood floors immediately improve from professional cleaning services. For some hardwood floors that do not have polyurethane coatings, a professional wood floor waxing and buffing is required every six years to maintain appearances. In Benbrook, wood floor cleaning specialists at KIWI also provide you with maintenance tips so that you can prevent further spills or water damage to your floors while keeping your wood floors beautiful and well-maintained all year round. Make the call and set an appointment for your free estimate

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Carol S. (Benbrook, TX, 76132)
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“My floors look really good.”

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