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Wood Floor Cleaning Beasley, TX

Wood Floor Cleaning
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Kiwi has been cleaning our carpet and floors for years. In addition to their superb job of cleaning, their professionalism is beyond reproach. I would recommend their services to anyone without hesitation.

Your hardwood floors deserve the best care — KIWI Beasley Wood Floor Cleaning Experts deliver!

Hardwood floors are a very expensive and very beautiful addition to your home. You’ve chosen them with care and lavish them with attention. But you also subject them to daily torture that’s bound to cause problems in the long run. Oh, you don’t mean to. Of course, not! But countless hours of family foot traffic, plus guests, and all sorts of dropped and spilled liquids, foods, solvents, chemicals, what have you, wreak their toll. Despite your regular maintenance, your home’s hardwood floors will begin to show their age at some point in time.

KIWI’s team of Beasley Wood Floor Cleaning experts can remedy this! We professionally clean and wax your hardwood floors. We even give them a professional buffing. This will restore their original natural luster and beauty.

39 years of professional cleaning experience

KIWI has 28+ years of experience!
At KIWI Beasley hardwood floor cleaning, we’ve been proudly servicing hardwood floors for our customers for 20-some years. KIWI is a total service company. That means we offer a wide range of products specifically designed to beautify hardwood floors. And, it’s a proven fact that the hard surface of your floors, when maintained properly, can even improve your indoor air quality!

Routine maintenance can greatly extend your floors’ life. Even so, about 1-6 years or so, your floors will definitely benefit from a professional cleaning, including light buffing and/or waxing. That’s just the kind of service KIWI’s Beasley hardwood floor cleaning team of experts provides.

Call KIWI’s Beasley Wood Floor Cleaning professionals today! The wood floor cleaning services of Beasley, Texas will provide a free estimate! Wood Floor Maintenance Tips:

  • Only use a vacuum cleaner brush attachment on your hardwood floors, not the beater bar.
  • Felt or fabric furniture pads – If you put them under furniture legs, it prevents scratching.
  • To remove dust from large areas of wood floor, dust with a mop that has a large cotton head.
  • Strategically placing rugs in high-traffic areas (such as entryways, hallways and kitchens) protects your hardwood floors. Clean these rugs on a regular basis. You don’t want grime and dirt to build up, seeping through to damage your floors.
  • Eliminate any standing water immediately by wiping it up. Water pools on floors can cause them to quickly warp. This is even truer if your floor’s finish is poor.
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