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Tile And Grout Cleaning Alvin, TX

Tile And Grout Cleaning
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I have used Kiwi for 10+ years and I keep coming back! I can get a cleaning in a reasonable amount of time, I know the cost in advance, professional teammembers do great work on the phone and in my home and always a great outcome. I have used them for carpet mostly, but I did use their tile cleaning service 2 years ago and the tile/grout cleanup came out like new. Highly recommend their services!

Alvin Tile & grout Cleaning is a basic need especially if you have someone in the house who doesn’t understand the need for a shower immediately upon coming home from work. My husband used to come home from marble fabricating with a thin white dust all over his clothing. The first thing he would do would be to plop down on the new couch. Guess where all that white powder from the marble settled.

Exceptional tile and grout cleaning services of Alvin

At Alvin Tile and Grout Cleaning, your tile and grout cleaning services of Alvin, Texas, we know that the trends for flooring have shifted to tile and grout in recent years for a few reasons. First, compared to other floorings, tile is easier to clean. Secondly, and likely more importantly, tile flooring can be extremely customized to make a more personal addition to your home.

Your tile manufacturer may have asked you to clean your ceramic tiles regularly. However, we at Alvin Tile and Grout Cleaning know that you just don’t have the time to be constantly cleaning the tile. Chances are you give them a quick once over with a mop from time to time and do a major cleaning job only once or twice a year, likely around holidays or special occasions. Unfortunately in those in between times, your tile and grout are grabbing a hold of a lot of dirt and dust that they will mix with oils and other items that are spilled, and turning that mixture into grime that is going to change the color of your grout. This is the discoloration you have likely seen and desperately tried to scrub out, but just can’t make it completely go away. Even if you’ve tried all the cleaners at the store, chances are the grout just never got back to the way it used to be. Now is the time for you to quit doing all the work and let the KIWI professionals come in and do what we have been trained to do!

We, at your tile and grout cleaning services of Alvin, TX, have specialized cleaners and cleaning machines that were engineered to deal with flooring problems, just like yours. These are not just any machines bought off a store shelf. In addition, the bonnets and brushes that are attached to our machines have been specifically designed to be able to loosen, lift and then clear away the dirt and dust that has been making your grout look grimy. Once that embedded debris is gone, you will be able to see your original grout color once again, and finally see the beautiful look that got you to purchase the tile flooring in the first place.

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