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Rug Repair Allen, TX

Rug Repair Services
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39 Years Rug Repair & Restoration Experience.

3-Year Repairs Guarantee.

100% Rug Odor Elimination Guarantee.

16-Step Rug Cleaning Process With 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Experts Rug Repairs, Licensed & Insured.

96% On-Time Track Record.

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We have been using Kiwi to clean our area rugs for several years and have zero complaints. The price is reasonable and the service is excellent. We have three dogs and they make our rugs smell pet free. I highly recommend them.

Expert Rug Repair In Allen With A Tradition Of Excellence

At KIWI Services in Allen, we draw on over 39 years of expertise in every rug repair project, treating each piece with the reverence and care it merits. Our team, including master weavers and specialists in fringe and binding, is committed to revitalizing your rugs, from Oriental and Persian to Dhurry and Berber, to their pristine condition. Recognizing the importance of your rugs not merely as decor but as cherished heirlooms, we meticulously align every pattern and hue for a flawless restoration. Backed by a 3-Year Repair Guarantee and underscored by our dedication to excellence, KIWI Services is your reliable choice for rug repair in Allen. Let us enhance the beauty and grace of your rugs, ensuring they continue to be a focal point in your home.

Diverse Rug Repair Proficiency In Allen

KIWI Services in Allen boasts a broad spectrum of rug repair proficiencies, catering to a variety of rug types, each with its distinct repair requisites. Our skilled team is adept in addressing the needs of the following rug types:

  • Oriental Rugs: Embellished with complex designs and requiring accurate color and pattern repairs.
  • Persian Rugs: Celebrated for their elaborate patterns and rich histories, demanding expert reweaving and dyeing.
  • Berber Rugs: Notable for their loop pile, necessitating meticulous restoration to retain texture and comfort.
  • Dhurry Rugs: Flat-woven rugs that demand careful attention to preserve their vivid colors and designs.
  • Egyptian Rugs: Distinct for their geometric patterns and rich hues, needing specialized dyeing for color restoration.
  • Area Rugs: Encompassing both modern and traditional designs, each requiring bespoke repair strategies.

Our expertise also extends to rugs from India, Pakistan, Turkey, and China, ensuring that regardless of origin or weave, each rug repair or restoration task in Allen is met with the requisite knowledge and care, restoring your rugs to their original allure and integrity.

Unmatched 3-Year Guarantee & Hassle-Free Services

Beyond unparalleled rug repair, KIWI Services in Allen provides peace of mind through our extensive 3-Year Repair Guarantee. This assurance underscores our belief in the enduring quality and satisfaction of our work. If any concerns emerge within three years following the repair, we promise to rectify them at no extra charge, reaffirming our dedication to excellence and your peace of mind.

Adding to your convenience, we proudly offer complimentary free pickup and delivery within Allen. This service alleviates the burden of transporting your precious rugs for repairs or cleaning. Our team manages all logistics, ensuring your rugs are handled with utmost care from departure to return, rejuvenated and as splendid as ever. This commitment to superior service and client satisfaction distinguishes KIWI Services, positioning us as your trusted ally for all rug repair necessities.

Expansive Rug Services Customized To Your Requirements

At KIWI Services in Allen, we extend beyond mere repairs, offering a comprehensive suite of rug services tailored to cater to the nuanced needs of your unique rug collection. These services include:

  • Custom Rug Cleaning: Essential beyond repairs, this service ensures your rug remains vibrant and spotless, addressing all forms of dirt, stains, and odors without compromising its structural integrity.
  • Rug Reweaving: Specialized for rugs with notable wear or damage, our reweaving service attentively restores damaged sections, preserving your rug’s design and worth.
  • Fringe Repair and Replacement: Focused on rejuvenating worn or damaged fringes, enhancing your rug’s overall aesthetic.
  • Rug Binding: Protects your rug’s edges from fraying and unraveling, prolonging its lifespan and aesthetic appeal.
  • Rug Underpadding Installation: Aims to boost comfort, safety, and rug longevity, preventing slips and reducing wear.

These offerings, combined with our unmatched expertise and meticulous attention to detail, guarantee your rugs not only display their best but also enrich your home’s warmth and style for the foreseeable future. Trust KIWI Services in Allen for a holistic solution to all your rug care needs.

All-Encompassing Home Care Solutions From KIWI Services

Understanding that rug care is merely one facet of maintaining a delightful and healthy home, KIWI Services in Allen provides a wide array of home care solutions to meet every need, ensuring every segment of your residence shines. Our additional offerings encompass:

  • Carpet Repair and Cleaning: Refresh your carpets with our expert carpet repair and deep cleaning services, eradicating stains, dirt, and wear to rejuvenate and prolong your carpets’ appearance and feel.
  • Upholstery Cleaning: Revive your furnishings with our upholstery cleaning services, eliminating dust, allergens, and stains for a renewed and cleaner appearance.
  • Air Duct Cleaning: Improve your domicile’s air quality with our duct cleaning services, removing accumulations of dust, debris, and contaminants for healthier indoor air.
  • Wood Floor Cleaning: Showcase your floors with our specialized wood floor cleaning services, maintaining their luster and extending their life.
  • Water Damage Restoration: Address unexpected water damage with our swift response team, providing expert water extraction, drying, and restoration services to mitigate damage and protect your home.

With KIWI Services in Allen, you’re assured a clean, safe, and inviting living space, thanks to our comprehensive approach to home care.

Ready to Rejuvenate Your Home With Expert Rug Repair in Allen? Call Us Today!

KIWI Services in Allen offers unparalleled rug repair expertise, supported by decades of experience and a solid 3-year repair guarantee. From detailed weaving and repairs to free pickup and delivery, we guarantee a smooth, worry-free experience. Don’t let damaged rugs diminish your home’s charm; contact KIWI Services today at 972-354-0162 to arrange your rug repair or explore our broad range of home care solutions. Trust us to restore your rugs’ grandeur and enhance your living space’s overall comfort and aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can KIWI Services repair a rug that’s been damaged by pets?
Yes, KIWI Services specializes in repairing rugs that have been damaged by pets, including addressing tears, chew marks, and stains. Our team uses meticulous repair techniques to restore the beauty and integrity of your rug.

How does KIWI Services handle antique rugs with significant wear?
Our experts at KIWI Services treat antique rugs with special care, employing traditional techniques for repairs and restoration. We focus on preserving the rug’s historical value while restoring its appearance and durability.

Is color restoration possible for faded areas of my rug?
Absolutely. KIWI Services offers color restoration services for rugs that have faded due to sunlight exposure or other factors. We carefully match the original colors to rejuvenate your rug’s vibrant appearance.

Can KIWI Services reweave portions of my rug that are missing or damaged?
Yes, our reweaving services at KIWI Services are designed to meticulously recreate missing or damaged sections of your rug, using techniques that match the original weaving for a seamless restoration.

Does KIWI Services offer a guarantee on rug repair services?
KIWI Services stands behind the quality of our rug repair services with a comprehensive 3-Year Repair Guarantee. If any issues arise with the repairs within three years, we promise to make it right at no additional cost to you.

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