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Rug Cleaning Aledo, TX

Aledo Rug Cleaning Services

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Rug cleaning Aledo – You live in Aledo and need a rug cleaning? Whether you need an Aledo Oriental rug cleaning or an area rug cleaning, KIWI is the perfect place to go! Call KIWI rug cleaning Aledo!

Our professional staff will never submerge your exquisite rugs into liquid. We prefer to do things the old fashioned way, hand washing with pH balanced citrus rug cleaners. This will protect your rug’s dyes from heavy bleeding and prevent color migration and fading.

Our Rug Cleaning involves a 7 step process

  • Pre-wash inspection – we will inspect your rug for previous conditions which may be a concern such as prior dye bleeding, worn areas, tears, etc.
  • Dust removal – we will sweep both sides of your rugs with our special rug cleaning vacuum which remove any loose dirt.
  • Wash and treat – we will hand wash your rug with our specialized rug cleaners specific to your type of rug.
  • Odor neutralization – we will apply a fresh citrus agent to help neutralize basic odors. To actually kill the odor causing bacteria, KIWI recommends the purchase of our Ozone Treatment.
  • Dry – we will dry your oriental or area rugs flat to avoid fabric stretching and color migration.
  • Post detailing – we will dust your rugs again on both sides to remove any other dirt or dust which may have found its way back into your rug
  • Repairs and restorations – we will replace, repair, or restore any fringes of your exquisite rug. If your rug happens to be damaged from rips, holes, or tears, our Master Weaver will provide a quote after inspection.

Guaranteed Results For Our Aledo Rug Cleaning Clients

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Aledo Rug Cleaning

We’re very happy to have this opportunity to share with you our customer’s experiences and hope that you find these comments as helpful as we do. If you have any further questions you can always reach us at 817-585-5971.

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Our Rug Cleaning Services come with 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Why Take A Chance Picking A Rug Cleaning Company That Doesn’t Hand Wash Your Rugs As KIWI Does? Make Sure The Beauty Of Your Rugs Stays Intact By Calling KIWI Today. Our Rug Cleaning Services Are Trusted By Over Half A Million Customers.

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