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Replacing Tack Strips

Replacing Tack Strips—Carpet Repair

Replacing Tack Strips by Kiwi
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38 years of repairs experience.

Carpet repairs and stretching services.

Wide variety of repairs including Berber.

Most skilled repair technicians.

Three-year carpet repair guarantee

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As your carpet ages, you may notice lumpy, loose, or bulging carpeting, which can all be corrected by simply stretching the carpet, which is one of the best solutions to carpet aging. But before the carpet is re-stretched, the old carpet tack strips must be replaced with new ones to ensure the carpet and padding are properly secured. Tack strips are generally installed around the perimeter of a room before carpeting is installed. It is common for tack strips to become damaged or worn out over time, causing carpet appearance issues such as carpet starting to loosen or ripple. A professional must replace the tack strips.

Professional Carpet Repair Services

For 38 years, KIWI has been one of the most reputable and trusted sources for carpet repair services. Our carpet repair experts provide the most meticulous carpet repair work in the industry. Our technicians have the training and experience required to repair and restore any type of carpet damage, including bulges, pet damage, waves, holes, tears, and unsightly seams due to wear and tear. In the event that your carpet repair involves replacing old or damaged tack strips, our technicians will:

  1. Remove the old tack strips
  2. Install the new tack strips
  3. Re-stretch the carpet:

The most comprehensive 3–year carpet repair warranty in the industry

We want to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the quality provided, which is why we give you a 3–Year unconditional guarantee on all carpet repairs. If any of our repairs or tack stripes needs further attention, KIWI will return and repair it, no questions asked. KIWI also offers a one-year carpet cleaning warranty that allows you to have your carpets cleaned for just $4 a room throughout the year. If you’re looking for carpet repairs and cleaning, we’re the company for you.

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