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Replacing Tack Strips—Carpet Repair

replacing tack strips

Our carpets take on quite the task every day in our homes: Keeping us comfortable and staying strong throughout all of the months and years of wear and tear. However, after years of heavy traffic, our carpets can start to look a little dingy, or worse, start to fall apart.

Some common signs of aging include carpeting that is lumpy, loose, or bulging, which can all be fixed with a simple carpet stretch. But before the carpet is re-stretched, it’s important that the old carpet tack strips are replaced with new ones in order to ensure the carpet and padding is properly secured. Your KIWI Services carpet repair technician will expertly perform every step of the carpet repair process to give your carpet longevity in your home.

Have any questions about our carpet repair process? Need to schedule a repair for your home? Call KIWI Services to schedule an appointment today with our team of expert technicians, who have over 38 years of experience in carpet repair processes!

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