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Wood Floor Cleaning in Baltimore, Maryland

Thanks to Kiwi, residents can finally relax on weekends rather than spend their free time cleaning and waxing wood floors. Wood floors are a great investment; their natural warmth and beauty add an elegant yet timeless touch to every décor. Best of all, wood floors remain one of the most popular options due to their easy maintenance and minimal daily cleaning requirements. Unfortunately, over time dirt and stains can build-up to cause a dull, lifeless appearance that detracts from the beauty of your home. Kiwi hardwood floor cleaning can restore your floors for a fraction of the time and cost required to go-it-alone.

Unsurpassed Service

With 38 years experience, Kiwi is committed to providing residents the same superior service they have come to expect from our carpet care, water extraction and other cleaning and restoration divisions.

Three Steps to Success

Whether your wood floors are only a few years old or from the turn of the century and in need of complete restoration, Kiwi’s three steps to success can leave them looking their best. Ask about our specialized treatment options for problem areas including discoloration, water staining, wood deterioration or other individualized needs.

  1. Our licensed, bonded and insured technician will begin with a complete evaluation of your wood floor type including finish and sealant in order to determine the proper cleaning, wax and treatment required for best results.
  2. Detailed cleaning and mop to thoroughly eliminate dust and dirt from even hard to reach areas.
  3. Gentle buffing, waxing and polish designed to removes stains, superficial scratches and restore the floor to its full beauty.

Easy and Effective

Kiwi makes it simple to restore your hardwood floors; simply contact our customer support agent via instant online chat, email or telephone support to schedule a free estimate or schedule an appointment that is convenient to your schedule.

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