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Water Damage Restoration Scottdale, GA

The KIWI Water Damage Restoration and Repair company in Scottdale has dealt with homes and floods for 38 years. We won’t make promises we can’t keep, and we won’t waste time talking when we should be getting the water out of your home. In fact, our Scottdale water extraction team can arrive any time, day or night to begin the process.

Scottdale Water Damage and Extraction Emergency Services
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Immediate dispatch 24/7.

35 years of water damage restoration experience

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One-year guarantee on our restoration services

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Scottdale Water Damage Repair

Dryer Faster – If your home is flooded, you may be angry, frustrated, worried, scared, and more. Our Scottdale water damage repair team also includes a specialized water extraction unit that can quickly remove water from your home. We’re certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration for complete restoration.

All you want is to get the water out. And you want your home and belongings dry.

Scottdale Water damage repair six-step process The moment we arrive, we begin our six-step process, designed to get you and your home back to normal again:

  1. Set up water extraction equipment and begin pumping standing water out.
  2. Disinfect as we work.
  3. Remove any remaining furniture and belongings, and store them for you.
  4. Once the water is out, we place industrial blowers around the house to force air across and through walls.
  5. Use dehumidifying equipment to regulate temperature and humidity to prevent floors, ceilings, walls, etc. from warping or buckling.
  6. Test infrastructure for signs of bacteria, mildew, fungus, etc., and disinfect and deodorize again, if needed.
  7. Scottdale Tile and Grout Cleaning – Bending and stooping, scouring and scrubbing until your back aches and your knees are bruised.
  8. Not exactly the way you’d like to spend a Saturday. Or any other day, for that matter?
  9. If you have ceramic tile floors, you know the time is coming. You can see it on the calendar (was it six or ten months since you scrubbed those floors last?). You can see it in the discoloration on the tile and the dull, darkness of the grout.
  10. So, what can you do but sacrifice a day, your back, your knees, and your newly manicured nails?
  11. You can call KIWI Tile and Grout Cleaning! You don’t have to lift a finger. We’ll move furniture out of the way. We’ll apply our own tile and grout cleaning solution. We’ll bring in our own scrubbing, brushing, dirt-lifting equipment. And we’ll leave behind clean floors from wall to wall and grout line to grout line.
  12. Call your local professional tile floor cleaning team. We’ll clean the floors so you can relax.

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