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Roswell Rug Cleaning Services
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Our Roswell rug cleaning technicians will clean all of your Roswell rugs by hand, to ensure that no matter what the damage has been done to your rug, our cleaning does not make it worse. We also understand that many rugs are heirlooms and have been passed down through generations. That’s why we take special care and attention to meticulously clean your rugs so that you can be proud of them for years to come.

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Our Roswell rug cleaning experts begin with a thorough inspection of your rug on both sides. During the inspection we look for snags, dye bleeding, and other issues that are common for rugs, especially older rugs. We then use a powerful vacuum to remove dust and dirt and other elements from the surface of your rug on both sides. Once the fibers of your rug are fairly clean from the vacuuming, we will then use our special and gentle chemicals in order to ensure that we remove the stains from deep within the fibers of your rug. Our gentle chemicals will not lessen that the quality of your rug colors during the cleaning. KIWI’s area rug cleaning process and cleaning solution are effective cleaning methods that remove dirt, pet urine, and urine odor out of your rugs. We also provide specific pet odor treatment, carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, grout cleaning, and upholstery cleaning. Area rug cleaned by KIWI pro

The final step in the rug cleaning process is to help ensure that your rugs are dried flat so that the dyes do not bleed and so that the rug does not form bulges as it dries. Call us today to learn more about our special rug cleaning services or to learn about our Roswell rug cleaning team. We’re certain that you’ll be so satisfied with our work that we’ve backed it up with a guarantee.

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Holly M. (Roswell, GA, 30075)
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“Love Kiwi! I’ve been a customer for years. Kelvin did an AWESOME Job!”

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