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Rug Cleaning Red Oak, GA

Red Oak Rug Cleaning Services
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If you have shopped around for a good company to clean your favorite rug, you can stop here. You won’t be sorry you did. KIWI Services Rug Cleaning experts know best how to clean and care for rugs. We treat all rugs as if they are family heirlooms, no matter where they come from. This is probably the reason we are so popular with our customers. (The fact that we do a great job cleaning and repairing rugs factors in there, too!) Our old-fashioned approach to rug cleaning also impresses our clients. We begin with a pencil and clipboard and make a detailed report of the rug; we include everything from fiber type to stains and/or damage. Then it’s off to the groomer for the cleaning process to begin.

38 years of rug cleaning experience in Red Oak

All cleaning is done by hand here at KIWI and so rug dyes won’t bleed or fade. We dry all rugs flat, so that keep their shape then, after one final trip to the groomer, the rug is packaged and returned to you. We told you that you could stop here for excellent rug cleaning information.

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