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Wood Floor Cleaning Milton, GA

Wood Floor Cleaning
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Milton Wood Floor Cleaning and Milton

If you have wood flooring in your home, there is no doubt that it’s an aspect of your home you’re proud of. Milton Wood Floor Cleaning and Milton Hardwood Floor Cleaning can help your relationship with your flooring stay that way. There are a few different reasons to love your wood flooring. First, a buffed and polished floor is something that stands out and gets the attention of all those who come into the room. Also, hardwood flooring is healthier than carpet, because it doesn’t trap all the allergens, dust, dirt, hair and other items that can be in your carpet. But that beautiful new, shiny look won’t last forever unless you keep it up. As people walk through your home, they will bring dust and dirt particles with them. Those pieces will drop onto your flooring and as other people walk on them, they become abrasive items that are filing away at the surface of your flooring. You’ll eventually notice that your floor is not quite as shiny, you’ll see a few scratches and maybe a scuff here and there. This is when it’s time for action.

Milton’s Skillful Wood Floor Cleaning Services

When you call in your wood floor cleaning services of Milton, Georgia to conduct a hardwood floor cleaning, we can stop the floor from becoming further damaged, by cleaning it and giving it a new layer of protection against the damaging elements. While your doctor advises a healthy check-up schedule for your body’s health, so does a manufacturer recommend a healthy check-up schedule for your wood floor. It should be buffed and waxed on a regular schedule. The only exception to this rule is wooden floors with a polyurethane coating finish. They can be buffed, but should not be waxed. If you have this style of flooring, your manufacturer should have told you how to effectively clean and maintain the floor.

Here are other tips to care for your hardwood flooring:

Sweep Regularly – The more frequently you sweep your hardwood flooring, the more of that dust and dirt that is collecting you will get rid of and keep it from digging into the surface.

Vacuum Carefully – If you prefer vacuuming, you can use a vacuum on your wood flooring, just make sure to take off the beater bar and use the brush attachment.

Spills – As soon as something is spilled on the floor, quickly clean it up. This is especially true if the item is a liquid. Don’t give it time to sink into any possible weak areas in your wood’s protection.

Protection – Use rugs and floor mats on high-traffic areas.

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