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Rug Repair Jonesboro, GA

Jonesboro Rug Weaving & Repair by Kiwi
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Jonesboro Rug Weaving

If your rug has holes, tears or discoloration problems, don’t despair Jonesboro Rug Repair has a solution for you. You don’t have to get rid of it, you can have it repaired.

Best Rug Repair value for Jonesboro

Jonesboro Rug Repair knows rugs like no other. We provide repairing for the following rugs:

Oriental Rug Repair
Pakistani Rug Repair
Indian Rug Repair
Persian Rug Repair
Egyptian Rug Repair
Berber Rug Repair
Olefin Rug Repair
Dhurry Rug Repair

If you have a fine rug, Jonesboro Rug Repair can fix it, and it’s not just patching a hole or tear, but our trained rug weaving technicians will actually repair and make your rug look new. Here’s an example of how it works. If you have an expensive oriental rug that has started to come unraveled, bring it to our Jonesboro Oriental rug weavers. Our experts know there are over 64,000 different types of rug weaves and that for the most part, no two rugs are alike. They will expertly investigate and research the exact weave that has been used to make your unique rug and then our oriental weavers will recreate the parts of your rug that have given way over time. When they are done, the job will be flawless. You’ll think we somehow found a whole new, perfect rug to return to you.

Jonesboro Rug Weaving and repair can do this for any fine rug you have in your home that needs a little tender loving care after years of use and wear. We understand that when you take the time to choose the perfect rug to put into your home, that rug is not just something you’re going to toss on the floor and forget about. Instead, it’s a part of your personality, part of your style, and a part of you. It’s a very special piece of your home, and we treat it as the precious item that it is to you.

At Jonesboro Rug Repair we know sometimes, the main surface of your rug will look alright, but the fringes along the edge are not looking so good. They may be picking up a lot of dirt, look a little worn out, or have had some of the pieces of yarn pulled out of them. We can make that wear and tear disappear. Our professional rug weavers, your rug weaving and repairing services in Jonesboro, Georgia, can replace the fringes or tassels to make them match the look of the rest of the rug.

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