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Wood Floor Cleaning in Washington, D.C.

Wood Floor Cleaning & Waxing Services

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Wood Floor Cleaning Services Special 33%

The same great weather and year-round sunshine that makes Washington, D.C. one of the most coveted places to live in the nation is also tough on wood floors. Fortunately, Kiwi now provides wood floor cleaning for those Washington, D.C. residents that have better things to do with their weekends than clean and restore hardwood floors.

Skip the Scrubbing Insanity

Cleaning hardwood floors is time consuming, hard work that typilly yields inferior results. Stop the insanity then skip the soap and water; both n leave wood floors with a dull film that actually ages hardwoods. Instead, contact Kiwi wood floor cleaning to go from grimy to gorgeous with one ll. With over 38 years of experience and a nationwide name you n trust, every Kiwi technician is trained to evaluate your wood floors in order to determine the exact treatment required for type of finish and sealant used on your floors. Specialized attention to problem areas including deep scratches, discoloration and other defects n also be corrected at the same time – just be sure to point them out to the technician when obtaining a free floor cleaning estimate.

No Guesswork – Just Great Results

DIY wood floor cleaning and repair is one of the more common uses of having to ll a professional wood floor company; sadly, fixing a bad job is tougher than just having it done right the first time. Depending upon the type of wood floor and finish, using the wrong polish or wax n make a bad situation even worse. Stop guessing and ll Kiwi wood floor cleaning for great results that leave floors looking luxurious. Best of all, proper waxing helps reduce daily maintenance while keeping them looking great throughout the year; simply dry mop and dust to eliminate sand and dirt. Housekeeping has never been easier!

Over the Top Customer Service

It’s a fact…our clients love us and you will too once you experience our over the top customer service. From our convenient online chat, email or toll-free phone support to our unsurpassed attention to detail (and great price!), find out for yourself why more people than ever are joining the ranks of Kiwi lovers.

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