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Upholstery Cleaning Parker, CO

Parker Upholstery Cleaning – Want to know the secret to long life—for your upholstered furniture? Treat it with kindness, and get it cleaned by a professional regularly.

I know. You think I’m just saying that because I’m on the front page of an upholstery cleaning web site.

Parker’s most excellent Upholstery Cleaning Company

Try an experiment with me. Take a piece of fabric like the fabric on your favorite chair, and drop a little dirt on it, a few drops of soda, some hair gel and two tiny potato chips. Then close the fabric around it all, and rub it together a few times everyday for the next six months.

Kidding of course, but that’s what happens to your furniture everyday. We spill, we eat, we sit, and all those harsh particles and staining liquids get rubbed deeper and deeper into the fibers. The fabric begins to break down and stains set. Before you know it your sofa is misshapen and discolored.

Eco-friendly Upholstery Cleaning in Parker

Before you let that happen to your fine furniture, call Parker Upholstery Cleaning. We’ll clean your upholstery down to the last pretzel piece, and keep it looking good for years to come.

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