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Carpet Cleaning Glendale, CO

KIWI’s Glendale Carpet Cleaning Service Deal All Your Tough Carpet Challenges

Glendale Carpet Cleaning
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Have you been disappointed with your previous carpet cleaning service in Glendale? KIWI Glendale Carpet Cleaning will deal with all your tough carpet challenges – and provide you with incomparable 1-Year Carpet Cleaning Warranty!

Sure, most carpet cleaners in Glendale can do a good job and  many will leave your  carpet  floating in water and you have to slosh around for 3-4 days for it to dry. This never happens with KIWI carpet cleaning.  Our Glendale Carpet Cleaning technicians  will deal with all your tough carpet stains  – and all of our carpet cleaning customers are entitled  to unlimited  $4 carpet cleaning service with our  Warranty.

carpet cleaning in Glendale with the outstanding service

Sure, most carpet cleaners can seem to do a good job – while you’re there. That is, unless the carpet is floating in water and you have to slosh around for 3-4 days for it to dry. This never happens with KIWI on your carpet cleaning job! Many carpet cleaners just skim the surface. Not KIWI Glendale Carpet Cleaner! We clean your carpet deep, deep down – way past the soaked in soils and odors (particularly from pets) that are usually at least 3 layers down. Those pet problem areas also contain loads of bacteria that cause awful odor. KIWI makes short work of that as well!

carpet cleaning in GlendaleWith our black light process KIWI Glendale carpet cleaning techs can actually show you where seemingly invisible spots are by shining the light on your carpet. You’ll absolutely be stunned at exactly how much of this clandestine grime your carpets conceal. Not for long! KIWI attacks grit, grime, soil, stains, odor and more.

KIWI carpet cleaning in Glendale, Colorado Uses 3 Treatment Layers

Remember that pet urine we just mentioned? With KIWI’s process, we go all the way down three layers. That gets rid of the urine that oozed past your carpet, your padding, and then on to your floor. Your KIWI tech carefully cleans through each layer, using just the right technique for your particular carpet needs.

  1. Cleaning carpet Surface – We first apply a special solution to remove pet stains that adhere to the surface carpet. We also include an antimicrobial product that will kill the bacteria that are causing the odor.
  2. Treatment by Injection the carpet- After the odor and stains are gone from the surface carpet, we next attack the padding where we will directly inject our antimicrobial product. Your urine-soaked, bacteria-laden padding will be completely free of odor and bacteria when we’re done!
  3. For Extensive Damage, We Treat with Germicidal Wash – Of course, there are some nasty-smelling odors and really extensive underlying carpet damage due to pet accidents that require us to lift the carpet. We first get rid of the old and contaminated carpet padding. Then we thoroughly wash, then sanitize, and then seal the under floor. Next we apply our antimicrobial product to your by-now completely clean floor, and then – we seal it again!  The last step is to put in brand-new padding and then complete the job with antimicrobial product we apply to the carpet itself, its backing and its surface.

Glendale Carpet Cleaning Guarantee from Kiwi

Our Guarantee? Here’s where it gets really interesting. KIWI carpet cleaning services in Glendale, Colorado promises we’ll keep at it until we determine the absolute best and total solution to your carpet problems due to pet stain and odor – and a whole lot more! Your assurance comes in the form of knowing that we will credit your account for any amounts you spent — on all previous treatments! We stand by our professional services!

KIWI’s Glendale carpet cleaning reviews

See what some KIWI’s satisfied customers have to say about our services.

Billy B.

“I have two hunting dogs that like to roughhouse with me inside after we’ve been out in the woods. I probably shouldn’t let them in, but we’re all so excited after the hunt, I just reward them. Well, they reward me too, and my carpet just isn’t the same now. When I saw the KIWI ad I thought, no way can they get this stink out. But I was wrong. KIWI sent out a tech that knows a whole lot about dogs, and how to get rid of their smells in the carpet. Got to tell you, I’m one happy customer. KIWI’s got my business for a good long time!”

Pearl K.
“My sister and I are in our 80s. We’ve been pretty much housebound for the last several years and, as you can imagine, the house doesn’t get a lot of outside air. We also have a couple of little dogs. I clipped an ad out of the paper that talked about KIWI’s guarantee and how they’d get out pet stains and odor. We called them and are very happy with the results. Thank you, KIWI.”

Robert P.

Carpet Cleaning Customer “Not a day goes by I’m not thankful for KIWI’s great work on our carpets. With a new baby, two dogs and three cats, our life couldn’t get much busier. Who has time to clean the carpet? Well, KIWI does, that’s for sure! And they do the job right. If you need fast, professional service that really works to get out pet stains and smells – and clean your carpet so it looks brand-new – call KIWI. We’re so glad we did!”

Madeline N.

“I really watched your KIWI tech to see if I could pick up a few pointers. Carl was so helpful and patient! My carpet stains are gone and I know how to wipe up any new ones right away after I got the KIWI sealant protection. Great job!”

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