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Enzyme Odor Removal Services

Enzyme Odor Remover Service
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Like any other surface in your home, your carpets can start to have a scent if they get too dirty. If you’ve noticed a foul smell coming from your carpets, it’s most likely due to a buildup of bacteria—whether that’s from pet stains, nature stain, food stains, mold and mildew, or even water damage in some cases. You may have tried sprays, candles, air freshener and other tactics to get rid of the odor, especially pet stains odors, but that’s only going to be a temporary fix. In order to get your home smelling fresh and clean once again, you’re going to need a thorough, professional carpet cleaning that’s paired with an enzyme odor remover. Completely eliminating odors can only be done by removing the source of the odor through this method. Our company offers carpet cleaning services that are green, efficient, and best of all effective at removing stains and getting rid of odors once and for all. We utilize pet stain and odor remover techniques that work great on removing things like cat urine, dog urine, urine stains, organic stains, and all general urine, feces, and vomit.

Professional Carpet Odor Removal Services

At Kiwi Services, our technicians have over 38 years of experience in carpet cleaning—and they know how to handle every type of carpet odor there is, including the following: • Pet urine • Milk spills and odor • Wet padding from steam cleaning • Bacteria growth from steam cleaning • Untreated water damage • Moisture caused by humidity Your technician will remedy your carpet odor by using an enzyme injection and spray, which will eliminate bacteria and sanitize your carpets all at once. And we don’t just tackle the surface stains—we also thoroughly clean the backing on the carpet to make sure that we don’t miss any spec of odor and bacteria. When our technician uses our enzymatic cleaner, the bio enzymatic formula can remove stains and odors from all kinds of flooring and furniture including hardwood floors. Our cleaner is super strength commercial grade, so we can tackle any tough stains or odors. We also offer commercial enzyme odor removal service for your business. If your carpets have been severely damaged, we can even replace any contaminated tack strips and padding and clean down to the subflooring and baseboards if necessary. Anything we need to do to eliminate the odor, we’ll make sure it gets done. Are you in need of a carpet odor removal? You’re going to need the experts at Kiwi Services. Call Kiwi today for more information about pricing and to schedule a service today!

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