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Wood Floor Cleaning Goodyear, AZ

Wood Floor Cleaning & Waxing Services

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Goodyear Wood Floor Cleaning by KIWI – To keep your would floors looking their best, they need to be swept, mopped and polished regularly. But even if you keep up a regular diet of cleaning and polishing, spills, grit and big wheel tricycles can take their toll the hardwood. When they start looking dull and they just don’t seem to come as clean as they used to, it’s usually time for a deep hardwood floor cleaning with a professional buff and wax.

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KIWI’s Hardwood Floor Cleaning team customizes its cleaning process to match the floors needs, then tops it off with a thorough wax and buff. KIWI Goodyear Hardwood Floor Cleaning is a total home service company, with 30 years in the floor cleaning business. We understand that beauty isn’t all there is to wood floors. They also as healthy as broccoli and alfalfa sprouts. While carpet harbors dirt, contaminates, dust mites, etc., hardwood keeps those things on the surface for easy cleaning. They don’t have the chance to collect and multiply. So call KIWI to help keep your floors in good condition, free of deep gouges and warn, rough spots where dirt and grit can collect. We offer thorough and complete wood floor cleaning services in Goodyear, Arizona throughout the year.

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