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Wood Floor Cleaning Glendale, AZ

Wood Floor Cleaning & Waxing Services

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Glendale Wood Floor Cleaning and Glendale Hardwood Floor Cleaning Do you love the sight of bright, well-polished wood floors? Glendale Wood Floor Cleaning and Glendale Hard Wood Floor Cleaning can help you keep your wood floors clean all year round! Our services include buffing, polishing your wood floors.

Glendale, 30 years of Experience In Wood Floor Cleaning

Over time, wood floors can accumulate dust and debris, and lose their shine and luster, becoming dull and stained. Shining wood floors require regular maintenance to retain their gleaming quality. Well-maintained wood floors also improve air quality in the home. Give our team at KIWI, your wood floor cleaning services of Glendale, Arizona, a call to schedule a wood floor cleaning and waxing. We can help you restore your wood floors to their former glory so that you can enjoy bright, shining wood floors throughout the year! Ring, Ring goes the telephone and who may it be but KIWI of course! Our friendly expert is at your door to clean your floors and much, much more! When he is through we will be glad and so will you too!

KIWI’s Glendale Wood Floor Cleaning Reviews

5 star rating

“I loved it! The service was professional, polite and friendly. Will definitely recommend to others”

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