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Wood Floor Resurfacing Services

Wood Floor Resurfacing Services

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It’s likely that if you go through and read a handful of real estate listings, they brag about “hardwood floors throughout” or even “original hardwood floors.” Hardwood floors—whether they are real wood or laminate flooring—add a sense of warmth and sleekness to living rooms, bedrooms, and even the kitchen. However, hardwood floors can be a lot to keep up with. Not only do you need to maintain a regular sweeping and mopping routine, but you also need to refinish wood floors when there are deep scratches or general wear and tear that can’t be fixed with regular cleaning.

Need to refinish hardwood floors in your home? You’ll want to hire a professional hardwood floor refinishing company to get your floors looking polished once again. Kiwi Services has been cleaning and refinishing floors for over 38 years and knows exactly how to get the job done right.

Refinishing Processes for Hardwood Floors

When you need a refinishing service for your hardwood floors, our professional hardwood floor technicians will be there to help you with a complete restoration—no matter if you have solid wood floors or laminate floors.

Here’s an idea of what will happen when you hire Kiwi to complete this job:

  • An evaluation of your wood floors. Your technician will determine if there is any damage that needs to be repaired or any hardwood floor installation that needs to take place by examining the individual planks. They will also take a look at any deep scratches and decide if any touchups or stain matching to the wood grain will be necessary.
  • A thorough cleaning of the hardwood floors. Every surface of the flooring must be dust-free and have zero signs of debris before the sanding and refinishing can begin. A gentle floor cleaner will be used to rid your floors of any sticky substances or light stains.
  • Dustless sanding of the perimeter and entire floor area. This method is a more efficient and cleaner way to sand the top coating of your floor. Our technicians use a specialized machine that has a vacuum suction tube so it doesn’t get too messy on the floor.
  • One last pass at cleaning. Your technician will be wiping the floor one last time before the application of polyurethane to ensure there is absolutely no dust or debris.
  • An application of polyurethane. When your technician arrives to evaluate your floors, part of what they will be looking at is whether to use a water-based polyurethane or if an oil-based polyurethane would be more appropriate. (A water-base polyurethane is clear and an oil-base polyurethane will darken over time. The method your technician uses will depend on the wood stain your floor has.) They will be wearing a protective mask and likely ask you to avoid the area for 24 hours to the organic vapors and so that you won’t interfere with the proper drying.

This whole process should take anywhere from 2-3 hours to complete on your floors. Depending on the square footage of the room, however, it could take less or more time.

Need to upgrade your existing wood floors, or simply need to spruce them up with a professional hardwood floor cleaner? Call Kiwi Services today for an obligation-free quote or to set up a service!

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